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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

It's Time To Get Cookin! Status: Ok, So They Ain't "All Clad"...But They Look Pretty Cool!


Yup, collectible pots and pans...you know, I almost wrote "I seem to collect everything but the kitchen sink" but I have two vintage double drainboard sinks in my other garage.

::shakes head::

My Brother In Law gets it...or at least gets me. He gave me Two hard to obtain

Steak-n-Shake grill hats, Two Waffle House grill hats and a Steak-n-Shake oval

side plate for X-mas! Fifties diner type stuff rocks. Plus I have a S-n-S coffee cup

and car hop tray stuck in a box around here somewhere. Anyway, this is just a

tangent to my collection of all things vintage kitchenware. Hence the Pots and




If you look real close you can read "Comet" on the bottom of the stock pot! I found

the smaller one of these two pots at an estate sale about a year ago. I found the

larger one just a few weeks ago at the Value Village thrift store along with the

white graniteware pot below.


I haven't even ever used any of these pot and pans! I can't stop myself from

buying them though. They just look so great. I do have an aluminum Wagner

Ware Magnalite big frying pan that I use all the time though. It'll probably give me

Alzheimer's or something. The frying pan below has a pinkish anodized lid. That

was enough to sell me but check out the shape of the handle too!




Maybe someday I'll clean this roaster up and stick a pot roast in there like Dotty

Draper! Mr. Mod is not afraid to tie on an apron to impress the ladies. Mr. Mod

knows what the ladies like. I ask you ladies, is there anything more alluring than a

man washing YOUR dishes? That's how I scored the awesome Girlfriend!


  1. If I had pots like that, I would want to cook as well. My vintage apron collection isn't very inspiring. :/

  2. Stacey - Oh, yeah...I got about a dozen vintage "hostess" aprons in a box over at the other house. I plan to put up a clothes line and pin a few up in the kitchen using vintage clothes pins. I have one of those vintage retractable clothes line reels. Do something with those aprons!