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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Great Mid Century Desk Find / Fail. ::Shrugg:: Status: Hit "Unique Thrift" Store Instead!

Mid Cent. Desk Fail

Pretty cool looking desk, right? It was offered up on C-list for a mere 50 bucks! Wow, I though.

I immediately emailed a better offer and got a call back this morning. I made

arrangements to meet took a shower and hit the road. I checked out the desk

when I arrived and was immediately bummed that the left front leg was

unfashionably secured with a mess of exposed wood screws. Oh well, I can deal

with that. I then inspected the drawers for a manufacturer mark. Nothing.

Then I looked under the bottom of the surface for a mark. Ew, sad to say...it

was made predominantly of Particle Board (MDF). Ugh, I had to pass. It was a

50 dollar desk. They luckily had other interested parties in line for the desk.

I'm sure somebody snatched it up today.

I was going to devote this entire post to the "find", but even the best laid

plans...and all that. Instead we get to have a look around Unique Thrift (9715

Saint Charles Rock Rd Saint Louis, MO. Phone: 314-427-0802)! Dustin, the fella

who traded me the cool double sided Lane Desk, found a SWEET

Eero Saarinen Womb chair here a while back for SUPER CHEAP (less than 10

bucks!). Since I had a little time to kill before work I decided to take a peek inside.

Lots of decent stuff in here today.


Cool Patio Table set with Four Chairs for just $45!


Nice (Late '60s?) Mod Cork and Ceramic Lamp. $8.


Not Vintage, But could be Retro in the right hands! $10 each.


Black Angus Electric Rotisserie. You could probably cook an entire Cow in this! $??


Three Danish style chairs. Heavy duty! 3 / $15 (I think, might have been "each")


Another Danish style chair. Would make a great desk chair. $15


Nice '70s Clock. It's not a "Starburst" but It ain't hard to look at either. $7


Three plant life framed art pieces. Kinda Jere like. $I picked these up.


Pretty Planter. Complete with fake plant! $?


Funky Green "Homemade" ashtray. $1.41


Molded plastic "Syroco" plant art. $10


Funky String Art. $?

Ugh, I had to get up early this morning and I'm very tired now. I must sleep. Sorry so Lame!


  1. wow, all this in ONE store? jealous! love that cork lamp.

  2. I thought pretty hard about picking up that cork lamp, but I ran out of time and had to bolt before I could come to a decision.

  3. I love the cork lamp, and I'm still dying over that Lane double-sided desk.