Friday, December 14, 2012

Mr. Modtomic Is Just A Big Ol' Softy. Always Bringing Home Strays And Orphans. This Arthur Umanoff Stool Is A Bit Of A Mess But I Couldn't Leave It Behind! Status: Wanting For Some Love!


Someone thought it might be a good idea paint the wood and jute twine back a sad shade of brown.  ::Sigh::  Can the jute be saved?  Does it matter?  How much trouble would it be to re-wind the backrest?  Anybody ever restore an Umanoff jute wound chair or barstool?


The good news is that everything is good and solid.  No broken welds or loose wood bits.  The seat

should be easy enough to strip and refinish.  The iron base just needs to be shot with a couple of coats

of satin black.  New jute and it'll look good as new!


It's too bad there was just the one.  I found this at the Goodwill near Dan's place the day I dropped

by to check out the progress on the Brasilia drop leaf table that I featured yesterday.  I don't get by

that particular thrift often enough.  Seems like I'm always finding something good there.  One of my

recent finds there was a really nice vintage 1940s Smith Corona typewriter that found a new home

via The Green Shag.  Hopefully I'll have room to drop this guy off there some day soon as well!

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