Saturday, December 1, 2012

Mr. Modtomic Bids Fond Farewell To Booth 44 And Moves On. I Gave It The Old "College" Try, I Really Did. It Was Just Time To Go. Status: Cleared It Out.


Yep, Booth 44 got cleaned out.  Sold everything.  Just kidding.  That would be crazy.  But I did empty the joint today.  And there will be a new vendor in here shortly.  I can't say that I won't look back on our time together without a little sentimental sadness.


Oh Poppycock!  I'm not going anywhere...well, I've moved an aisle over and to a Double Wide but

I'm still at the Green Shag Market!  The joint is a wreck at the moment but I took a couple of hours

today and moved all the stock over to Booth 5.  I wanted to allow the new vendor in 44 to be able

to get right in there tomorrow and he was in there checking it out while I was there.  The body weren't

even cold!  Just kidding.  I'm happy that there's a new vendor who's excited to get in and start vendin'! 

I'll be back in there Saturday to better arrange my new spot and make it presentable.


Mom's booth has lots of new stuff.  Check out those swank lamp shades!  Oh, and look...20% off! 

Get your Christmas shop on! 


Pics of some of the other vendor's booth spaces.  The first pick top left is of one of the newest vendors. 

You might remember that this booth was empty just a few short weeks ago.  They don't stay empty

long!  The next pic top right is of a vendor that is always proffering good finds.  They've had all sorts of

great chairs and looks like there's another couple nice ones in there again!  The bottom three are of

Booth 36.  It looks like Mr. Modtomic's got a bit of a Booth Crush on this joint.  This vendor does such

a great job of up-cycling and their booth always looks so nice.


Oh my goodness! Just look at all the good stuff waiting for you at the Green Shag. It's amazing how

many new items are added all the time. I was in here just a few days ago and none of these smalls were

here at that time I don't think. Don't blink though, you'll miss 'em! He or She who hesitates might just

miss out.


  1. Great news on the larger space! You had me going there for a bit...thought you'd thrown in the towel!

    1. Hi A Mod.

      Throw in the towel? I've gone All In! I even managed to sell a bunch of Southern Comfort barware and some mixing bowls while moving.

  2. My husband and I were in last weekend (we bought your sunbather print) can't believe it was still available! They told us you were moving on up to bigger and better. We look forward to more modtomic picks!