Thursday, December 20, 2012

So These Are The Patio Door Drapes That Were Here When We Moved In. Nothing Wrong With Them, But Maybe It's Time For A Change. Status: Out With The Old In With The Old?


I've never had an issue with these drapes that cover our patio door but then, they've never made me say "wow" either.  Oatmeal...the Greige of the '60s?  Hey, look!  McDuff is peeking!


Yeah, kitters is "helping" me with the photography again.  He's loving all the cool and comfy seating

around the joint...'specially the Sigurd Russell Falcon of late.


But anyway, back to the drapes issue.  I picked up a couple panels of this pretty cool subtle cream and

light green material at Unique Thrift a few weeks ago.  It's not pinch pleated though...and I haven't really

measured it to be certain that it'll be large enough to cover the patio door.  Doesn't matter 'cuz if it don't

work out I'm sure I can find another use for it.


The colors are perfect for the family room (OK, the TV room...happy?) since we seem to have lot's of

other green stuff in here.  And the panels are already lined so they'll do the job, it's just that I'm pretty

sure putting in pinch pleats is a big pain and I don't think I'm up to the task.  We'll just have to see where

this leads.


  1. If you want pinch pleats there's tape that you can buy that makes pinch pleats. Basically you sew the tape across the top of the fabric and the pull the strings. Voila, pinch pleats.

    I love those oatmeal-y textured curtains, though. Love. Them.

  2. Watch out! Kitters looks like hes got a hankerin' for more hands/fingers. Poor guy. I don't think he was in a particularly festive mood last we met.

  3. I don't love the old curtains as much. I like bold colors with your bold furniture. The curtains could be art in and of themselves. Maybe keep looking?