Monday, December 17, 2012

Mr. Modtomic's Been So Busy Since His Return From Chicago But He's Been Wanting To Share Some Photos Of A Lovely Shop Called An Orange Moon That He Finally Got To Visit While There. Status: X-mas Wish List!


Yeah, Christmas is coming up fast.  Luckily there are places like this!  Just look at all that lovely opportunity to get your loved one the Best Present Ever!  This is An Orange Moon in Chicago Il. I've been wanting to visit this Lynne's shop for years but only just made it this last trip during Thanksgiving.  It was worth the wait!


An Orange Moon is every bit as beautiful and stylish as I ever thought it might be.  Lynne has great taste

and a wonderful eye for design - both of the pieces and the layout of her shop.  The shop isn't packed so

full that you can't squeeze through but what she does display is both diverse and quite lust worthy.


One experience that was novel and unexpected was being offered a shot of Tequila upon being

welcomed into the shop!  We visited on a particularly cold and windy day...and accidentally parked

about a half mile a shot of Tequila was a welcome surprise.   And might I say, offering a

shot of hard liqueur to buyers is probably a great marketing technique!  I wish both, that I'd thought

of that and that I could somehow implement that in my booth at The Green Shag Market!


When you drop by to pick up that just perfect gift for that just perfect someone special (ahem - This

Guy!) say hi to Lynne and have a shot for me. The shop is a splendid venue to hang out with like minded

lovers of the vintage modern and Lynne is quite knowledgeable on the subject and just fun to talk to

anyway. She and the Girlfriend (who isn't necessarily obsessed with this stuff like me) talked for more

than a half hour while I snapped pictures before I butted in and got her on the subject of business and

buying / selling. While we were talking about her recent change of location she mentioned that since

moving into the present digs that a number of other hip business had sprung up around her. Just across

the street an Indian restaurant had recently opened that she hits quite often was pretty smitten with.

Coincidentally, a few days later we serendipitously visited that restaurant based on internet recommen -

dations. We had no idea it was the same restaurant until we were inside waiting on a table! I looked

across the street and could see Lynne in the shop (even though it was kinda late in the evening) and ran

over to say Hi and let her know that we were trying out the restaurant she recommended so highly. I

got to meet her husband and chatted for a few moments and had to get back to the family but it was

fun to share the coincidence with her...and now with you!

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