Wednesday, December 5, 2012

After Rearranging My New Booth Space Saturday I Had Just Enough Time To Go Through A Couple Downtown Thrifts. Found More Silver Foliage Libbey and A Beautiful Syphon Selzer Bottle. Status: Silver And Glass And A Touch Of Class.


I spent so much of Saturday trying to fine tune Booth 5 at The Green Shag that I didn't leave much time to do my normal trap checking.  I did finally make it to the "new" Salvation Army thrift on Forest Park Pkwy and of course hit the Goodwill directly across the street.  I found a new trap and hit one other.  Sounds like a lot but it was a quick fix in my world!


Sooooo...looks like I'm collecting Libbey Silver Foliage glassware!  I really had no intention of doing

so.  I bought some for the booth...then some more...then even more.  Enough for Booth 5 as well as a

bunch for entertaining!  I've now got 8 of these goblets here at home and 8 more at The Green Shag!


But these are a little more special.  What do you think...sherbet glasses?  That's what I'm

going with. I found the pair of goblets at the Goodwill and this pair of sherbet glasses at the Salv Army

across the street.  Weird.  I'm hoping to find more of the more interesting shapes like this. I passed on

a set of 8 tumblers at the Pink Elephant over the weekend but only because I didn't want to blow too

much cash all in one spot.


This soda / seltzer bottle was at the south county Value Village.  It a Syphon soda bottle and it's in

mint condition. Probably never used.  I've got a nice collection of soda bottles but this one is probably

the finest I've found.  Actually, this is exactly like the very first soda bottle I ever bought.  I bought it

and gave it to a friend.  After I started collecting them I always wished I could find another.  Patience

wins again!

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  1. Indeed, the migratory patterns of glass are often quite odd. This summer I found three grey Iitala Kartio "thin" tumblers at a thrift. That same day, and six miles away, I found another pair at a different thrift store. All are vintage, and are such a fragile crystal, it was a wonder they survived being stared at, let alone the usual savage charity processing.