Saturday, December 29, 2012

I Was Gonna Work In Some Sort Of "Basket Case" Play On Words Here, But Surely You're Above All That...And I Just Can't Seem To Find A Good One Anyway. Status: Basket Case...Couldn't Help It.


I love these wire basket center pieces.  And of course they don't necessarily have to be used as center pieces.  We've used the orange fiberglass one in the back as a catch-all at the front door for years.  The long one in the foreground has been holding those seashells so long that I've forgotten what beach we sourced them from!


The Girlfriend picked this one up at an estate sale (I think) many many years ago.  Recently it was found

in the bottom of a hall closet covered in dust bunnies.  It's time to find a good place for it again.  The

Girlfriend is pretty proud of her little fiberglass and wire basket find and we should be able to admire it

more often!


I'm pretty sure I picked up this long narrow wire basket at a local thrift store a long while back.  It's

beautiful and deserves so much better than to just have a couple of scavenged sea shells dumped into

it.  It'd look great with some apple and oranges in it on our kitchen counter...but then you'd never see

it again.  We ain't got much counter space and it gets pretty cluttered real quick.  So, for now...sea

shells it is.  We've actually got a ton more shells in a bag out in the garage cuz we can't stop ourselves

from gathering them up when hwe vacation, so I'll probably just get some more out and make a better


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