Saturday, December 22, 2012

I've Never Gotten An Opportunity To Properly Showcase The New Bar and Erik Buck Bar Stools In The Home. Cleaning Out The Living Areas Properly For The Party Last Weekend Finally Made It Possible. Status: In Their Natural Environment!


Yeah, there's a little mess back there behind the bar still.  Neat freaks we are not.  I wish I was more embarrassed by it but obviously I'm just not.  Maybe just a little...I mean, I am writing about it, right?  That's a step in the right direction...let's say.


I wish I had some info on the origin of the bar.  I can't find another like it but it does smack of the Erik

Buck bar with added Teak boomerang legs.  The bar and bar stools are definitely a match made in

heaven!  I DID try to clean those seats before the party but came up short...on both time to do the

job right and well, effectiveness.  Believe it or not...they look better, and in the relative darkness of

evening it's not so noticeable.


I didn't get to crack open the Playboy Host & Bar Book during the party but it was always at the ready.

I'm gonna have a tiki party some of these weekends and THEN I'll need it for real.  Mostly I was serving

pretty basic drinks, shots and the mixes that guests brought.  It was fun to do so behind a real proper bar

this time!


Just in case ya doubted the validity of bar's capacity to serve...  Man, that's a lot of booze!  If you're

gonna have an eye catching bright orange bar in your living room, i.e "talk the talk", you gotta be

prepared to "walk the walk"!  Keeping flavorings for girly martinis, sour mix, bloody mary mix and

lot's of soda pop on hand means you're ready for most requests.  Oh and a cooler full of ice and beer!


  1. Sweet set up; party time at the Mister Mod pad!

  2. That looks awesome, and how handy to have all your cool barware on the shelves right next to it! Hope you have a swingin' time!

  3. This bar is absolutely breathtaking, I mean, really, I want to be friends with it...

  4. Thanks for the updates through your blog.