Thursday, December 6, 2012

Mr. Modtomic At The Green Shag Market Booth 5. I've Nearly Got Things Sorted But Things Keep Disappearing! Status: Lil' Tour?


I've been steady bringing more and more items down to my booth space at The Green Shag Market but it seems like it just keeps disappearing!  Good thing too, I've got lots to replace the disappearing bits with. Just today I dropped off this little lot plus some.


It's amazing what having a little more (ok, a LOT more) space does.  I've sold three pieces of art that

had been hard to get to in my old space in just the few short days that I've been here in this double

space!  The tough part is coming in to find an empty space and remembering what was there.  The

above pair of photos show a left and right full view of my new digs.


Here are some closeups of the various wares I've made available.  The big buffet and hutch aren't mine

but are available.  They are on consignment and were in the space already.  I hope to have a china

cabinet to replace them when they eventually sell.  It's nice to have an appropriate display for the

dishware and glassware.  If you've come by in the past and were interested in the Broyhill Saga knee

hole desk that I had in the old booth, but were given pause by my asking, I've placed another Saga

desk without a fitted glass top in my booth at a much lower price.  Also note the spider leg table, the

pair of mid century style tea / serving carts and the signed, dated and original tagged Curtis Jere

"Migration II" wall art sculpture that I brought in today.


I also brought in one of the pair of Sonemman style (might or might not be - no label) lamps today.  The

tall yellow one works but the switch is too stiff to turn using the knob.  I'm not comfortable offering it for

sale in such a condition.  Might be keeping it as such.  Anyway, there's plenty of vintage modern lighting

available otherwise.  Also plenty of the Girlfriends vintage costume jewelry to look through!


  1. Hi Chris, looks great, you definitely needed the space. I wish there was a place like the Green Shag Market in my area but I'd probably be broke if there was!!!

    John aka AtomicHipster

  2. I just loooove that spider leg table with the brass tray - nice!!