Sunday, December 30, 2012

Did A Little Post X-Mas Shopping Down At Treasure Aisle This Evening. Picked Up Some Good Stuff And Took Some Photos Of Other Stuff. Wanna Check It Out? Status: Everybody Hold Hands So Nobody Gets Lost.


This amazing brutalist sculpture / centerpiece (?) was the first really cool thing we spotted today.  It was pretty cool, what is it?  I like the base with all those Herman Miller / Brasilia looking bits braised together, but what's with all the wire bits...with nails (?) on the tips?


I actually dropped by the Green Shag to drop off some new items in my booth...and I Did have my

camera with me but, c' guys can only take so much shameless self promotion!  So I decided

to head over to Treasure Aisle and shoot some pics for ya to peruse.  And guess what.  There was

some cool stuff!


Treasure Aisle is a pretty big place and a well established antique mall...and it's right next door to Another

pretty big, well established antique mall!  The selection of items runs the gamut from French Antique to

Vintage Modern.  That pair of sorta matching dresser up top are amazing...but it is too bad that they

don't actually match anymore.  The booth with the big red lighted arrow gets my vote for my very own

Restoration Hardware look award (OK, I don't actually have an's the thought that counts).


Some of the booths are full of "decor", which isn't that big a deal in an antique mall of this size and even

those have some really nice items and some vintage thrown in as well.  Yeah, there's a new(ish) sofa table

and globe in there but that little stretched glass vase (gorgeous) and those maybe not vintage but still cool

matching lamps help save the day.  What do you think about that black and red painted china cabinet? 

I dig it.


There aren't booths and booths of vintage modern here any more than there are at any other antique mall

here in the Midwest but if you take a little time you can suss out some nice items.  Sometimes there'll be

just one really cool thing in a booth that you might otherwise pass right by.  That table with the drawers in

the first pic above is on the inside of a row of other dressers and case goods.  You'd never see it if you

didn't take a moment to look even though there's little to suggest it's in there.


So like, if you've still got a few Christmas bucks burning a hole in you Levis after taking a trip to the

Green Shag Market (and cleaning out My booth!) you should check out Treasure Ailse.  They get plenty

of turnover and I can only show so many pics here so if you don't see what you want here, don't fret. 

There's lot's more than what you're seeing available and lots of other styles.  I tend to naturally focus on

the vintage modern stuff.



  1. OK, i'm not 100% on this... but the sculpture in the first picture i'm 99% sure is supposed to make "sounds" the tall wire pieces are all bent out of shape. One is supposed to be able to flick one of the wire pieces and then it clashes into the others and it makes a soothing sound? (sounds nuts I know) but I believe they had a special about them on PBS or Antiques Roadshow. Happy New Year Mr. Mod!

  2. They are probably cattails, an early 70s icon of C. Jere, and their many welded scrap-metal knock-offs.

  3. I'm with Mick; those wires are supposed to "clang" together.

  4. Well, I was thinking (smell the smoke??) and wondering how sturdy the wires are. With the Nails, maybe they held smallish candles for a candlelit centerpiece -??? Yes, no, ... maybe??? Happy 2013 anyhoo!!