Friday, December 28, 2012

Did Ya Get A Pile Of Cash For The Holidays? The Green Shag Can Help Turn That Scratch Into Something Sweet! Status: Stocked.


In case you've never been to The Green Shag Antique Mall in St. Louis, here's what you'll be looking for as you make your way down Manchester from the west!  Just find yourself a place to park and come on in.  I'm sure you'll find something to tickle your fancy.


I stopped by GSM this afternoon just before work to take a quick look at my booth.  I try to keep track

of what's been snatched up and like to keep the space well stocked so I drop in a couple times a week. 

Today I managed to bring along the real camera so I took a couple quick shots of some choice items

that I haven't featured before...or at least not lately.  Lot's of dinnerware including some very pretty and

colorful Russel Wright / Steubenville.  Need some vintage modern barware for that New Years Eve

party?  You're covered!


And if you wanna show off to all your friends and let them know what good taste you have without having

to outwardly brag all the time (I Know, it just takes sooo much energy!) you can make life a little easier on

yourself and grab up a genuine Green Shag Market concert T! 


Whether you are looking for colorful retro or stylishly subtle modern the Green Shag delivers.  I've got

some baby blue coffee cups like those fantastic green Fire Kings.  That Homer Laughlin is so similar to

Fiesta both in color and style.  I don't know if that black and cork serving tray is vintage or not but it sure

is purdy and I have a cork pen and card holder just like that one sitting right in front of me just now!  The

last two pics are of items in the booth just across from mine.  New vendor just getting going.  No prices

on the tags yet!

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