Friday, December 7, 2012

Once Again I Had To Drop By The Green Shag Market This Afternoon. Snapped Some Pics Of Other Stuff And Noticed Some Changes. Status: New Arrivals / Departures.


Another vendor has had quite a week of changes, much like myself and I thought that since I was in the neighborhood I'd snap a couple quick pics to let you in on them.  While I was re-arranging my space last weekend she and I had a discussion of booth arrangement and she told me about this great bedroom set she was about to spring on us.  Wanna check it out?


First, check it out: I broke down and am giving you a chance to pick up this lovely "Egg" chair.  I

dropped it off in booth 5 today.  It doesn't lean back but it does swivel.  Stop by and give it a twirl!


Whenever I stop by the Shag I like to take a quick tour to see who's offering what and what's changed. 

This dresser and chest of drawers is a fresh delivery.  They weren't in the joint last weekend and

they are quite nice.


Same vendor.  She's got a very nice matched pair of what look to be vintage Quartite nightstand lamps. 

The parchment shades look like they might be original.  Either way they match the lamps nicely and it's

really hard to find a pair of nice vintage matching lamp shades!


She's also got this lovely torchiere lamp with yet another nice vintage parchment shade available as

well.  I almost forgot, the dresser and chest of drawers have fitted glass you can rest assured

that the finish is probably in excellent condition.  Need a clown?  That big one is a plaster or possibly

chalkware bank.


This split sofa is what was in that booth space.  It's gone now.  I think that hairpin leg table is

gone too.  Man, so much goes in and out so often.  Makes a Mr.'s head spin a little!  I was a little

surprised that this black vinyl sofa stuck around as long as it did.  It was a nice piece.  I hope the new

owners love it!

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