Sunday, December 2, 2012

No Big Scores Lately But I've Always Got Some New Smalls To Show AND I'm Working On A Big Score Today. Stay Tuned! Also Check Out The Progress On The Brasilia Drop Leaf Dining Table. Status: Just Another Day In Paradise!


The desk lamp and the little black shelf are destined for the Booth (now number 5 at The Green Shag Market) but the pink Christmas ornament and the Tiki mug are both keepers.  Close ups and some update pics sent to me from Dan on the progress of refinishing the Broyhill Brasilia drop leaf dining table inside.


Check out this great souvenir mug from The Islands - Phoenix Arizona.  This one is a Mai Tai mug as

shown on the drinks menu.  There just aren't enough Tiki Bars left in least not here in the

Mid-West.  I do know that there is a Thai restaurant on South Grand called The King and I that serves

Tiki drinks in Tiki mugs but...well, it's just not the same.  Even so, I really should go there more since

the Girlfriend LOVES the food (weird, since she does not do spicy At All!) and it is one of the few

places to get a refreshing beverage served in a kitschy container!


A fellow vendor at The Green Shag Market presented this beautiful vintage Christmas tree ornament

to me as a gift while I was moving my booth from space 44 to space 5 on Friday afternoon!  She had

read of my lament that I was finding so little Vintage Modern Christmas ephemera in my daily hunting

 and wanted to help.  She was a little concerned about the pink color, but obviously just didn't know

that Mr. Modtomic has absolutely NO issues with Pink!


I was going to put this in the Booth (5) this afternoon but forgot to make a tag for it in my rush

to get down there this afternoon.  Oops.  It'll be in there soon.  It'll be cheap.  If you are interested,

please be patient.  I promise I'll have it available soon. If you just must have it you can send me a note

at the address above and to the right!


THIS did make it into the booth today.  I got this from Dan the last time I was at his place to drop off

the leaves and check out the progress on the Broyhill dining table that I had dropped off for his expert

touch.  Next time (very soon) I stop his joint I'll be collecting a really cool Long sofa painting to sell in

my booth for him.  Wait 'til you see it.  It's great and probably won't sit long at the Green Shag.


So here's the progress.  As you can see in the last photo, it's been completely stained.  Looks pretty

sweet, no?  According to Dan it's just wanting for it's Poly top coat and the dry time required.  After

that it'll be available in my booth and another will be dropped off with Dan.


  1. Long time reader, first time poster. (Ha!) Stopped by yesterday to Green Shag and made a beeline for your booth - only to find that you weren't there anymore! Luckily I remembered the teaser post about the double-wide location and went searching. Good move!

    In other news - next time you're in the Chicago area, you MUST check out the Hala Kahiki Lounge ( for a REAL tiki experience - in the midwest and everything! It is one of the most stunning examples of a tiki bar I've ever encountered and the drink list is amazing!

    1. Hi Susan.

      Oooo, thanks...I think! Things will be quite a bit more interesting next time I visit Chicago for an overnight. The mornings might be a bit more painful too. Sorry the booth was kind of a mess. I'm still processing the extra space, trying to get my head around a proper arrangement.

  2. Nice fellow booth person to get you the cute pink ornament. Lucky!

    1. Hi Rebecca.

      I know! I never see things like that coming!

  3. There's another tiki place just outside Chicago, not far from Hala Kahiki, called Chef Shangri-La ( The drinks are good, get the signature Dr. Fong! The food's pretty good too!