Monday, December 3, 2012

Weekend Roadtrip Craigs-Snatchins! I Spotted The Maurizio Tempestini / Salterini Chairs Late Last Evening And Made Arrangements For Pickup. Drove Out Today And Found Lots Other Good Stuff Along The Way! Status: Score!


Wait, don't that look like some huge alien bug's face?  It's not, I assure you.  It is, in fact, my new acquisition of a super rare pair of Salterini iron and leather Maurizio Tempestini chairs and a fancy spider leg and brass tray occasional table!


But before we take a closer look at the new (not New - new...but new to me) table and chairs, check

out the coolest "roadside attraction" / antique mall you'll find on Route 66!  I measured and this place

(that I don't get to often enough) is actually only 40 miles away.  It's the Pink Elephant Antique Mall in

Livingston Il. and they put the craziest stuff out on their property.  They've even got a Futuro "Saucer"

!  Wouldn't be great if all my readers got together and bought this for Mr. Modtomic for

Christmas!  He'd totally love to have it for his creative womb / den!  Don't know how the Girlfriend

would feel about it being dropped into the back yard though.


Not only do they have a Futuro Saucer house (well, a shell of one) but they have a WORKING

soft serve Twistee Treat ice cream stand!  Of course, it wasn't open today...December 2...even

though it was like 75 degrees out!  There's the big Pink Elephant that's the namesake of the antique

mall.  The mall is housed in what used to be a school house and the large part of the booths are

located in the gymnasium.  And how cool is that gymnasium sign?!


Oh yeah, the table and chairs!  I almost forgot!  Not really.  How could I?  Lovely no?!  I've only

ever seen the Salterini chairs like these in leather Two times...and can only find one on line at the

moment.  This rare pair popped up on the Bloomington / Normal craigslist last week and I spotted them

last night.  They aren't your everyday Maurizio Tempestini side chairs!


They aren't mint examples but uh...I'll take what I can get!  There are some issues with some of the

leather parts in that there is a grommet that is nearly torn free on one seat and the leather is cracked

in the center of the other seat. Also the leather is currently being held to the frames with zip ties.  I

gotta find some loooong heavy leather laces to get these corrected. 


The spider leg table is in very nice condition.  I picked it up at the Pink Elephant Antique Mall while

on my way to Bloomington to pick up the Salterini chairs.The top is actually in better condition than

the last spider leg table that I had a while back.  It's little red rubber feet are pretty dried out and

mostly gone but I bet I can find something to replace those with at the True Value Hardware store

down the street.  And you know what...this isn't even all of what I got today!  More to come!


  1. hey mister mod, are you planning on selling the table?

  2. That table is amazing, and I'm totally jealous I don't live in Illinois. I want to go to there!

    Just found your blog, love it!

  3. We used to have one of the Futuro homes here in Tampa but it fell into disrepair many years ago and the city demolished it. Love the Tempestini chairs. I'd not seen the leather variety before and that table is swell too! Nice finds!

  4. please like checking in to see whats going on in stl,but could you
    just state or report the findings and leave off the status fail ,score,it would be i think much more appealing and make you look smooth and easy going
    thanks for the forum
    try it out