Sunday, December 23, 2012

I Know This Looks Like A Re-Run Of The Frem Rojle Teak And Rope Chairs But I Assure You It Is Not. Those Are Long Gone And I Just Picked These Up Today! Status: Awaiting Cleanup.


I trotted out this morning planning on making the rounds of the thrifts then stopping by the Green Shag to take stock.  I often overlook one tiny little antique mall here in North County called Florissant Old Town Marketplace.  Stopped by today between thrifts and was rewarded with a bargain pair of Frem Rojle / Hans Olsen danish dining chairs.


These aren't marked quite the same as the last set of Frem Rojle chairs but they are otherwise

identical. They lack the "Frem Rojle" stamp just above the "Made In Denmark" stamp but do

possess the Denmark stamp and the Danish Control sticker. 


This pair is in pretty good shape.  Better than the last set.  I've just got to clean off a little paint rub and

apply a new coat of Danish Oil and they'll be lookin' good.  The legs were all loose when I picked them

up.  That's why I was able to easily take two of them off to shoot the pics of the stamp and sticker.  I

reattached the legs and tightened everything up and they are solid.  I sure would like to find a couple

more before I pass them on but if I can find the time to get them all cleaned up proper, I'll probably

have these in the booth next week. Anybody interested?

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  1. We just discovered Green Shag this week and remember your booth well. We'll be back. We also frequently visit the Florissant store and always find great stuff. In the last couple visits we bought a gread mid-century desk and a Lane Acclaim end table.