Monday, December 24, 2012

Today's C-list Adventure Turned Up A John Van Koert Designed Drexel Profile Dining Table And 6 Chairs. It's Solid And An Excellent Candidate For Refinish Or Use As Is. Status: Freshly Picked.


Last evening I was poking around the various craigslists in the area just on the off chance that I might find a couple more danish dining chairs to go with the Frem Rojle pair I featured yesterday.  I was plugging "Dining Chairs" into the search boxes and scavenging through the lists when this Drexel Profile set popped up!  It had languished there for more than 9 days, unsold.


I'm not sure how I missed it myself but the ad did not have Any keywords, not even Drexel.  I shot an

e-mail off to the seller but it was already after 9pm.  I gave them my number hoping that the set was still

available and got a text this morning.  Sweet!  Of course, I really don't have ANY room in the Garage

for Another dining set and I think the Girlfriend might be serious about keeping the living areas clear this

time.  But I figured I'd deal with the storage issue After I acquired the set.


The table and chairs are all well used.  There is one broken dowel on the back of one of the armchairs

but this is kinda common as far as I can tell.  I occasionally see singles of these chairs at the Thrifts, Fleas

and on craigslist so I'm not too worried about the broken dowel.  I figure I'll either replace the chair all

together, replace the dowel with another if I find another chair with broken dowels or just re-sell the set

with the chair as is.


The rest of the chairs just need a little cleanup and new seat covers.  Like I said, the set is actually

very solid...and heavy!  I won't pretend that I didn't struggle a little getting that seriously heavy table

off the top of Frank.  I was lucky that the seller was happy enough to be rid of the set that they gladly

helped me lift the table onto the roof rack.


So, you've got to be wondering where I was going to store this if I really didn't have any room in

the Garage and the living area is off limits.  Well, it looks like I'm going to follow my own advice

Mom-tomic and Sis-tomic are starting up a new shop in Frenchtown just north of Old St. Charles

on N. 2nd street.  I'm going in on the concern by 1/3 so I'll have another venue from which to peddle

my wares and plenty of space to do so!  So be prepared to see the transformation of this space in

the coming days.  It'll be a serious mix and match of styles and items.  Wish us luck!


  1. I really like the lines of the Profile set. I had the matching credenza awhile back and it didn't last long in the store. This set is really well made and substantial. Best of luck with the new endeavor! Maybe it's time to quit the day job :)

  2. Yeah, those Profile dining tables are really heavy; I had to move mine by myself, I was sure glad I work out).

    Good luck with the shop!

  3. Congrats on the shop! I can't wait to see it filled to the brim with mid century yumminess. Jealous!

  4. I have the entire set of my grandparents who were original owners of the pieces. I have the buffet, all the leaves to the table & 6 chairs plus original table pad covers. All are in near excellent condition! I am in Louisiana, but am happy to hear people are interested in this quality made furniture b/ I am planning on selling my set. If you know anyone interested please contact me. Thank you!

    1. Hi. I have a complete set, but do not have any leafs for the table. Would you consider selling one or know where I might be able to get one? Please let me know.

    2. Hello Shelley,

      I may have some interest in the Drexel set you mentioned. Have you already sold it?

      Thanks, Jodi

  5. I have this same Drexel Profile 1957 dining set, as well, inherited from my grandmother. I only have 4 chairs, but I have extra leaves for the table, which is in near min condition. The chairs are worn, but none broken or damaged. I also have a side buffet, credenza peice with 4 drawers and 2 cabinets in it, which is my favorite part of the set, but has some minor damage on one edge. I'm in Dallas, TX and not sure where to start with regard to getting an appraisal for it's value and selling the set. Any tips or advice? How much was the set you bought featured in this blog post? Thanks in advance for any info!

  6. P.S. I posted pics here of the Drexel set if you're interested in purchasing them for your new shop:

    1. Hi T.

      Sent ya a reply via instappraisal. Good luck!

  7. "For Sale - 1956 John Van Koert, Drexel Profile Dining Room Set!"

    Includes dining table 6 chairs, 2 with arms, 4 without, 2 leaves, side board/buffet, and china cabinet on buffet. Very good to excellent condition. This set will only appreciate in value!

    Very rare to find a complete set in this good of condition.


    Tom Priesmeyer