Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Yesterday I Mentioned That I Picked Up More Than Those Amazing And Rare Salterini Leather Chairs And The Spider Table. I Also Managed To Find An Eames / Miller Shell Chair, A Warming Serving Cart And A Beautiful Royal Heager Ashtray. Status: Available!


I didn't manage to get the ashtray priced and placed in my new booth space (number 5 now) at The Green Shag Market but I did get the rest of these beautiful vintage modern goodies down to the shop.  Even after making a special effort to get up at the crack of 10am I still just barely managed to get these photos taken get everything cleaned up, loaded up and down to the antique mall in time to make it to work.  Whew!


Since I was headed to Bloomington Il. anyway to pick up the Leather Salterini chair set I featured

yesterday, I thought I should scour through craigslist to see if I could cull any other bargains.  This

turned up and was actually another case of an item that should have been snatched up already but

wasn't.  Turned out to be my lucky day!  I almost missed out on it too as the seller really wasn't able

to meet me that afternoon.  I asked if there was any way we could meet and they decided to just

trust me and put this outside their door with an envelope for the money!  I gave them double their

asking for their trouble and trust.


I paired the Eames / Herman Miller shell chair up with this Broyhill Saga desk in my booth.  This isn't

the glass topped beauty that I've had in there previously.  It's not quite as nice as that piece and is

priced accordingly.  The two really look great together!


I've not come across this Lipstick red color in Royal Haeger before.  It's a fantastic color for lovely

ashtray.  I kinda want to keep it but I don't have any others like it and, well...do I really need to start

another collection?  No.


This aluminum and walnut (possibly teak...I'm not that good at wood IDing!) serving / warming

cart came from the Bronze Giraffe antique mall.  It's in surprisingly good shape for having been used in

their break room!  But it did have a tag on it and I though it was a great piece...so home it came with

me!  And now it's available to you at my booth space in The Green Shag Market!


  1. You find amazing things. Just...amazing.

  2. Love the red ashtray too. Do I really need to start another collection? NO! Thanks. I will practice that. NO. NO. NO.