Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Oh How I Wish Mr. Modtomic Was Possessed Of A Green Thumb. I Ain't Got Enough Pennies To Toss In The Well To Make It So. Status: Fake Plants It Is.


This post ain't really about the fake plants though.  It's actually about the planters themselves.  I've recently picked up a pair and I thought I'd show 'em off...see what you think of 'em!


This first one is ceramic bisque and I actually spotted it a couple weeks ago at a local Value Village

in south county.  I didn't pick it up at the time but it stuck in my mind.  I got to thinking that it might

actually be another piece of Architectural Pottery but it's probably not.  It's still quite an attractive

container though.


And then I picked up this tripod planter base.  It begs for a nice big bowl but it works nicely with

the bisque container as well.  Gives it a real "Jetsons" feel.  The bisque container goes nicely with

the Malcom Lealand Architectural Pottery hanging Totem that I picked up in Bloomington at the

Bronze Giraffe a while back.


This little plastic tripod planter was from the last estate sale I attended about a month ago.  It was still

waiting for me out in the garage well after I had done a thorough recon of the rest of the joint.  I was

kind of surprised when my partner Illuminate said that she had seen it out there but didn't pick it up.  It

wasn't pricey at all and I think it's pretty cool!



  1. Did you see todays Groupon?

  2. Nice, but for goodness sake please pull the Leeland lantern stack away from the edge of the table and the door. I'm imagining a knee bump to the table and a tragically titled blog post.

    1. No worries. It was placed there just for the photos and is tucked safely away until I find a good place to hang it.

  3. Here a plant that's hard to kill - Zamioculcas zamiifolia. Otherwise commonly known as the ZZ plant. I picked up mine from Ikea. Forget to water no problem.