Thursday, November 29, 2012

You Might Remember A Broyhill Saga Desk That I Picked Up A While Back That Needed Some Love And Had The Wrong Handles. This Morning It Got That Love...And It Got The Proper Handles! Status: As Close To A Hug A Desk Is Gonna Get.


When I got this little guy I didn't really expect to actually find original replacement handles and thought at best I'd find some that just looked a little more appropriate than the brass units I found on it.  Well, serendipity had other ideas.

Ha!  How about that! I found them!  Well, actually...I found a whole another Broyhill Saga desk. 

Another Saga desk that was in fairly rough shape, but had the much needed handles.  I bought the

second desk Just for the handles.  And I swapped 'em.


This is the second Saga desk with the handles from the other desk.  I've done nothing but swap the

handles.  It's rough but sturdy and serviceable.  It's gotta go.  Anybody need a really cheap Broyhill

Saga desk?


As you can see, the finish is wanting.  It'd make a great desk for a kids room since you wouldn't have

to worry about it getting banged up or scratched...'cuz well, it kinda already is.  The finish actually might

clean up nice with some elbow grease, but I'm not doing it.  I just need a little cash for it and I'll be

happy to send it on it's way.


Ok, that comparison is kind of unfair.  The first desk has been cleaned and slathered with Howard's

Restore-A-Finish (walnut) while the second is bone dry.  But note that the second came with those, stock drawer pulls while now it sports the "new" brass handles.


This one isn't in five star condition either but I think of the two, it's in much better shape.  It's available

as well and will soon be proudly displayed in my booth at the Green Shag Market.  And it's got the

right handles!


  1. How much do you want for the one desk you are getting rid of?

  2. how would i go about trying to find the original hardware for the broyhill saga credenza?