Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Black Friday Is Nearly Upon Us! You Standing In Line Before A Place Opens Just To Get Some Good Stuff Cheap? That's Just Crazy! When You Get Done With All That Stop By The Green Shag For Small Business Saturday! Status: Unique Treasures!


Booth 41 (I'm pretty sure that's right) has really stepped up their retro game!  I think this might be the first time I've featured more than just a picture or two of their booth here on the blog, but now she's got the goods.


What'd I tell ya?!  It's still an eclectic mix but there some really nice bits and pieces in there.  I'm

especially smitten with the set of knives with blue and silver starbursts...In A Case!  That lazy suzan

in Chartreuse on a copper colored base is beautiful too.  Need a small, fold away bar for a small

space?  Nab that little "dog-bone" folding TV tray before your next party. I'm sure it'll hold a couple

bottles of your favorite libation.


Remember that empty booth space that I featured last week? I told ya it wouldn't be empty long!

There's already a new vendor up in that joint!  Keep in mind that they've only just moved in.  I'm

sure this booth is going to have much more to offer soon enough.

DSCN2268Copy of DSCN2269

This cute little blonde student desk and arm chair are up front.  The desk has a real Heywood

Wakefield vibe but it's not Hey / Wake as far as I can tell.  It's just sporting that same 1940's

streamline modern look.  The chair doesn't necessarily match the desk but it too is a great

looking piece.


Random pics from some of the other vendors.  I'm totally digging those barstools with the steel

hoop backrests.  As you can see there's a style for just about any taste.  It's nice that the Green

Shag keeps all sorts of vendors who all have their own vision of what an antique mall booth

should be.


Gratuitous Self Promotion.  I (thought I) had to swap the draw leaf table for the Skylark Formica

table because a buyer was supposed to come by for it.  Oh well, it was time for a change anyway.


Can you guess why I've got a picture of this space here? Think of it as a "before" picture.


  1. I know! You're getting a bigger space, right? If so, go you!

  2. We had a good day at the store yesterday and it appears things are turning in the right direction. Here's to everyone passing on that whole black Friday crap and to a great weekend for all us independents! Happy Thanksgiving!

  3. Mr M... thanks for posting the treasures. yep BETHINGS space is 41 at the shag.
    We have been working thru storage unit to finally get to some of these favored pieces and getting approval to make them available.
    The lazy susan was picked off by one my best friends over the week end.