Monday, November 12, 2012

Here's Some Much Better Photos Of The Trio Of White Vases That I Snatched Up At The Estate Sale Over The Weekend. I've Rarely Seen This Finish On This Make Before. Status: Lucky Find.


The second thing at the estate sale that fell upon my eyes (after the pair of amazing but questionably priced retro lamps) was this trio of white and seafoam blue / green vases.  They were priced sorta middle of the road.  If I were to flip them there's room but they weren't dead cheap either.  I think (because the Girlfriend said so) that we'll be keeping them.


The shape of these pieces just screams 1960 modern, yet are still classical at the same time.  I've

recently made the serendipitous acquisition of a matching ashtray
but I also have another that is

similar but not an exact match.  The finish of this other ashtray is slightly rougher but very similar

and it is the same color
.  It's a slightly "popcorn" finish somewhat like the ceilings so reviled by new

owners of homes built in the 1970s.  I personally dig those ceilings and I bet they'll be appreciated

some day in the near future!


These vases are made by Haeger and are of the Royal Haeger line.  Haeger still makes ceramics

to this day but the Royal Haeger line is pure vintage.  These, along with the aforementioned ashtray

will soon be a nice focal point in the living soon as I get it free of "booth stock".  It's a

jungle in there at the moment, but that'll be changing soon.


So since the Girlfriend has laid down the law of keeping these I'll be letting go of the Stangle looking

Royal Haeger collection
that I've built up. I probably don't need both. It's a beautiful line and I'm sure

that whether it get's picked up as a lot or gets split up, it'll make somebody else happy.


  1. Love the Royal Haeger pieces. I have been collecting some Haeger for awhile now but don't have any pieces quite like your finds. I'm with the Girlfriend - definitely keepers!

  2. Those were certainly pretty! Glad we got a few items!

  3. Ilive about a mile from the Haeger plant. Ilike to shop there and support made in USA. Not much left anymore that isn't made by 3 year olds in China anymore, we need to try to help keep these businesses going!