Monday, November 19, 2012

In Case You Are Looking For That Perfect Gift For Your Beloved Journalist...Or Just Love Vintage Typewriters, I've Just Dropped Off This 1940's Smith Corona At The Green Shag Market - Booth 44. Status: Available.


The case got me curious, the keys grabbed my attention but the nearly un-used condition sealed the deal.  It was coming home with me.  Mr. Modtomic also loves the "Industrial Revolution" look or what I assume inspires a lot of the Steam Punk hackers.  In my humble opinion, this is a great example.


Ain't this little "Sterling" just a lovely piece.  The case has done it's job amazingly well.  There are

only a few tiny issues with the finish on this unit and they are actually from use, like the "Sterling"

print where the paper rolls through the back. 


What's a "floating shift"?  Sounds like my work schedule sometimes.  Aren't those keypads

awesome?  I've seen computer keyboards made with these before.  Love.  I can't justify destroying

one of these beautiful typewriters to get one but if it was all busted up anyway...


And works!  It works beautifully!  It's all clean and nearly dust free underneath.  Like I said,

the case has done it's job admirably.  Speaking of the case, even the hinges are amazing and made

to last forever!  And apparently they are adjustable to make sure the case closes properly.

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  1. And that first picture, close up of floating shift key, is worthy of framing!! Cool typewriter.