Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Teak, Steel And Glass. No No...I'm Not Speaking Of Some Modernist Home In The Sunny Southern Californian Desert. Just The Local Thrifts And The Thrifts Yield Much! Status: Smallsville.


So I know it looks like I've really been killing at the thrifts lately.  I guess I have.  But hey, that booth space down at The Green Shag Market isn't going to keep itself filled with all vintage modern goodness!


I found this lovely Pyrex divided casserole with matching lid at the Value Village Sunday evening

after dropping off some goodies at my booth (44 - for now) at The Green Shag Market Antique

on Manchester near Hampton Rd.  The pattern of twinkling yellow stars on the side is called

"Constellation" and the name fits perfectly.  I only collect the very similar Glassbake that has the

baby blue and grey starbursts so this will be easy to let go.  Any takers?  Just drop by The Green

Shag and it'll be there!


The Girlfriend picked these up and I think I'm kind of smitten with them.  They're teak napkin rings. 

We don't have any napkins for them though.  Funny that.  I just realized this and now I gotta go find

some nice napkins to put in them for when we have a proper sit down dinner party!  Aren't they just

amazing though?


We found two of these Castle Stainless Steel ice tea spoons quite a while back and then the

Girlfriend put the other four in my hand just recently while out scavenging at a thrift or somewhere.

Unfortunately one of the small blue plastic ends is a done, so we've really only got the 5. We seem

to get lucky with stuff like this. Serendipity likes us. I'll find more. Probably at an estate sale or a

flea market. You remember the big set of unused Castle utensils I wrote about a while back. It's

out there. I'll find it.


  1. really like those ice tea spoons!

  2. As of yesterday there was (if I'm remembering right) a piece of that Glasbake pattern at the St Vincent De Paul on Kingshighway. It was filthy and I didn't feel like touching it, but I think that's what it was, and the dirt might mean it's still sitting there waiting for you.

  3. I luv teak finds at the thrift! Always a happy moment on my Thursday excursions!