Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Days...Literally DAYS Seem To Go By Without A Good Craigs-Score And I Start To Get Bummed. Then My Faith Is Renewed! Status: Late Night Score.


Yup, this vintage Knoll / Saarinen executive armchair popped up on the list this evening about 7 pm with a couple of crumby cell phone pics, a cheap asking price and a number to text.  Yes, thank you!  I shot off a text and hoped for the best.  You can guess the outcome.


So what do you think?  This is what a Jackson buys ya on a Tuesday night in the StL. I paid the

seller a Lincoln more than their asking for their trouble (didn't offer until they agreed to meet after

work at 10:30pm) since it was cold out.  Not bad, even though it's an awful mess.


The upholstery is in really good condition...I think.  It's hard to be sure what with it being under all

that mess.  No's solid.  Wait...maybe that should read soiled.   We'll see for sure after I clean

that upholstery.  It's easy to see that the legs are all in excellent condition and for the dough I

dropped...I'd have been happy if those were the only good bits to be had.


So what ya think?  Did I gets me money's worth?  Doesn't matter.  It's destined for Booth 44...after

a proper cleaning.  How often are ya going to find an affordable vintage Eero Saarinen designed,

Knoll manufactured executive chair?  Drop by the Green Shag Antique Market pretty soon and you

might just find out!


  1. The legs are wood yes? In the pictures glowing gold. Cool chair. It is good you compensate them for your pushiness. :)

    1. Hi Rebecca

      The legs are indeed wood. Blonde. Did you just call me pushy? :-)

  2. *jealous* I live out in the sticks of Northern New York, and it is hard to find this stuff.