Saturday, November 10, 2012

So Here I Am Staking Out Another Estate Sale At Stupid Thirty In The Morning. The Price One Must Pay To Be First Through That Door! Status: Gonna Be A Long Night.


So right now I've just gotten here and am waiting on my estate sale buddy - Illuminate - to show up. She overslept...but so did I. I was just closer to the sale address than she! I'll post more about how the day goes later.


Huh! Look at that! A rainbow greeted us just after sun up. A good omen? I sure hope so! I'll share more as more becomes available.


More pics from the sale. Crappy phone pics but you get the idea. All that we picked up from this lot is the desk unit from the middle set of pics for Illuminate and I picked up the white and blue 3 pc. Royal Haeger vase set. We picked up bunches more but I'll show those later. We had fun and there was lots for everybody and every budget (I know you're wondering why I didn't snatch those black wire lamps...I was first on top of them but they were WAY too expensive for me! But the next person didn't hesitate at all). It was a good sale, check it out!


  1. Can't wait to see what you find. Getting up early has been good to you. Hope it is this time also. Good luck.

  2. Hey, did you By chance hit the Edwardsville estate sale & did you pick up the dining set in the basement? If you're going to resell, I'd be interested & live in Eville :-)

  3. At the Edwardsville sale did you notice if the cityscape painting was there when you left?

  4. Whoa, 4:30?! I thought if i would have got there 45 minutes earlier I would've had a better chance. haha. Good seeing you though. When I was leaving it looked like you still got a some great stuff. So was the emphasis set sold before the doors opened?

    Anonymous, if your talking about the very wide painting that I think you are, it was sold. I wanted it but somebody snatched it up before me. It was so cool!

  5. Yes! That's the painting I am talking about. Dang, that was an awesome picture. I'm sure someone out there is dancing in their happy pants for snatching it up :)

  6. Wow! Looks like that sale was absolutely filled with goodies. What a shame that some was higher priced.

    We have that exact same Turner Wall Accessory print.

    See here:

    What a neat piece.

  7. You are not supposed to let 'em know what time stupid o'clock is!!