Tuesday, November 27, 2012

I Don't Normally Hope To Find Bargains While In Chicago But It Ain't Like I'm Not Going To Look! Picking Up This Cherner / Plycraft "Ant" Chair At The Edgewater Antique Mall Proves It Can Be Done! Status: Lucky Catch.


I've always had an admiration for the Cherner Ant chair.  Really, most vintage modern bent plywood chairs.  I've never had a good opportunity to acquire one until this latest trip to Chicago.


Yes, I know...another chair.  But it's sooo pretty.  C'mon...who could resist?!  This chair is such

a classic design that it's form is still in production today and can be had relatively cheap!  Throw a

little more money around and you can buy brand new replicas that look just like the vintage piece...

except you know...new.


This baby certainly ain't new and I, for one, love the "wear commensurate with age"  I've still got

to further clean this up and then decide if it's going to stick around or if it's going to be made

available.  I can't keep all the beautiful chairs that I cross paths with.  Then again, how often am

I going to find a nice Cherner chair?


You can see some discoloration on the rearmost of the seat here. Probably some water or some

other liquid settled here and wasn't cleaned up quickly. It's not too bad and I think with a little

effort it can be fixed. I'm not going to go crazy trying to meliorate this issue as I can live with it,

but the next owner might not be so easy going. The rest of the chair is in such nice condition that

I wouldn't say it wouldn't be worth the effort.


  1. Hi Chris, love the chair. I'm from Mssachusettes which was home to Plycraft factory so I'm partial to their line of furniture. I own a Plycraft lounger modeled after the Eames lounger and although purists scoff at the replicas mine has served me well since I bought it new in the early 70's and still looks and feels great!!!

    John aka AromicHipster

    1. Hey John We have some antique dealers, who come to my store,from the Marais in Paris that scoff at the Eames version (too common) and lust after all the versions of the Mr Chair and anything Plycraft. Parisians prefer Plycraft!

  2. Who could resist indeed! Hardly anything prettier than formed plywood especially the vintage pieces! Bet a bit of Howards bring her right back up to speed!

  3. Interested if you're selling.