Sunday, November 4, 2012

Not So Much A Mystery As Much As A Conundrum. I Kinda Know What They Are...But Are They Worth Picking Up? Status: Left Behind...But Not Forgotten.


While I was out running around yesterday I fell upon these fine china sandwich size plates. At first I found just four and began furiously looking for any other pieces to the set. Unfortunately I didn't find any dining plates or serving pieces...but I did find 20 more of the sandwich plates. Are you wondering why I'm even bothering with these plates yet? Look inside.

I was drawn to the plates because of the monogramming which I think has a vintage modern look

to it. When I turned one of them over to see who made them I was pleasantly surprised to find the

Dorothy Thorpe label!


But for real, with these being monogrammed, are these worth anything more than as just random

plates. What are the chances of somebody with those exact initials finding these plates...and

knowing who Dorothy Thorpe even is?! At a buck each they are still a bargain just as nice plates

but I couldn't pull the trigger. I don't have any need of more random dining pieces 'round here,

that's for sure. But it was soooo hard leaving them behind having never even seen Dorothy Thorpe

dining pieces before. And what gives? 24 monogrammed sandwich plates? Weird.


  1. Just put some packing tape on them. I'm sure the monogram will come right off.

    That was a joke. Don't do that please.

    Seriously though, when daytime bridge groups were all the rage amongst the upper middle class non-working women? I could totally see 24 monogrammed sandwich plates being a pretty fine wedding gift.

  2. Well, a quick Ebay search showed that a set of four bread plates with monogram had been for sale, priced at $59.00 (plus $13.00 shipping) but the auction had been stopped early. The logical reason for stopping an auction early would be because the plates had sold, maybe the seller has an antique mall booth or a store. I might take a flier on 8 pf the plates, price 'em at $5-8 each and make a sign that emphasized Dorothy Thorpe.

  3. I have to go look up Dorothy Thorpe now. See what you've done?

  4. Looks like 5 of the dinner plates made it to ebay: item number 400336493509.