Thursday, November 1, 2012

More Fodder For Plan "B" - That's "B" For Booth 44 Green Shag Market. Status: Just A Few Smalls.


Yup, Mr. Modtomic is always on the hunt for more smalls to line the few shelves I have in my booth at the Green Shag.  It's not like I'm running dry or anything but things do disappear from time to time and those items need to be replaced.  It's good to have some stock in the "back room".


Plus, who knows...I may expand any day now!  You may have seen this glassware pattern here

on the blog recently.  I think it's called Libbey Silver Foliage as I've seen the gold pattern similar to

these referred to Gold Foliage here and there.  I'm not much of a fan of the Gold Foliage and I've been

lucky enough to find 14 of these water goblets total to date.  I was watching Mad Men a few days

ago and spotted this pattern in the Draper household!


Of course it's not "Mod/Tomic" but it is a purdy lil mirror...and it was cheap...and it's made in

Italy!  I like the idea of keeping my space in the antique mall (remember, it IS still an Antique

Mall!) Eclectic but with a Massive emphasis on Vintage Modern.  I do keep a number of

Vintage "Antique" items in the booth, just mix it up a little.


I keep forgetting to drop these magazine racks off down at the booth. I got a couple here back

at the Modtomic Ranch and the first one I made available in my booth sold pretty quick. Seems

like I'm always in a great big hurry and running out the door when I'm on my way to check my

booth. I tend to just look around and grab what's most at hand. I know...real professional! I'm

not much of a planner regardless of what the title of this blogcasting says. Booth 44 is a big

experiment and I just hope that my instinct is enough to make it a success.


  1. Oooh, I thought that magazine rack was a mid mod log holder! Is there such a thing? If you see one, let me know...I'll consider driving down for it! :) (And pick up some fireplace tools too!)

    Keep up the good work, Mr. M!

    1. Hi Diana.

      As a matter of fact...I do have at least ONE rack available that could be for fire wood.

      Click here for link.

      Check that out and if it suits your needs I can make you a package deal. I've got 3 or 4 sets of fire place tools available at different prices to pair up with it. Shoot me an e-mail.