Friday, November 9, 2012

I Stopped In At The Green Shag Market Today To Check On My Booth And Drop Off A Lamp. Took A Few Pics While There. Wanna Take A Look? Status: Quick Peek.


Check out the sweet teak, danish vanity seat.  That is purdy.  This must have just come in to the mall because it wasn't present last Sunday when I was messing around there.  I'm down at The Green Shag about twice a week...actually at least Once a week but almost always more, and I always try to make at least a quick run through the place to see what's new.  This time I actually brought the camera and shot you some pics!


These super mod barstools aren't that new here but I don't think I've featured them before.  The

backrest upright is white plastic and the seats are black leather-ette vinyl.  They look magnificent...

in a Star Trek sorta way!  They definitely make a statement!  I like that rug just behind them too.

And that chair to the right.


Lots of great stuff.  I especially love the danish swag lamp in the middle.  That thing is the biz-omb.

The formica table with the black legs has the tiniest little leaf in the middle!  It's really like 4 inches

or something.  Why?  Doesn't matter, the table and chairs are awesome.  The painted vintage

furniture is from a new(ish) vendor and their stuff looks great.  They really add some spice to the

Antique Mall mix.  Glad they're here.


Gratuitous shot of my booth - 44.  Told ya it was gonna get changed up!  I've been moving mostly

smalls this month.  I can hardly believe that no-one has snatched up those lane tables.  The danish

magazine rack was just dropped off last weekend.  It'll probably be gone soon.


Here's something you won't see very often...and if you blink you'll miss it.  An empty booth!  I

probably shouldn't even be showing this as it'll probably cause a stampede and a brawl at The

Green Shag Market today with all the potential vendors on the waiting list.  I hope it goes to a

worthy seller!  I look forward to meeting you, future vendor!


  1. Very interesting stuff in there!! And your booth looks packed full of goodies. Ahhh, too bad I'm so far away ...