Monday, November 26, 2012

I Missed Dropping By The Edgewater Antique Mall Last Time I Was In Chicago But Made It By This Time. It's Still Chock Full Of All Good Vintage Modern! Status: Go...Buy!


I managed to find a little time to drop by the Edgewater Antique Mall in Chicago on Broadway over our short trip to Chicago this weekend.  Not only that but I even managed to find what I consider a bargain...or at least a good deal (and you KNOW how hard it is to get Mr. Modtomic to part with his hard earned cash!) and bring home a little something.


When I dropped by I didn't have my real camera with me and I wasn't even going to shoot anything

as a result.  But right away I noticed this "cobra lamp" by Norman Bel Geddes and well, that was it.

Out came the phone.  There were so many amazing items but I felt that I should try to keep the

snapping under control.


Lot's of nice lighting don't ya think?  Many styles (all, of course, gorgeous) and many prices.

Choose your poison.  I'm particularly interested in the walnut lamp with the black base and shade.

Think of all those walnut lamps with brass plated bases that time has not been kind too.  The black

base looks MUCH better than a ganked up brass base to me!


Hey look!  A Herman Miller Chicklet sofa!  Wait...I've got one of those!  This red one was priced

VERY nicely...but no, it was not what I brought home.  We took the Flirt (the Girlfriends new Ford

Fiesta) so room for home bound extras was limited...and I had already committed some space to

the blonde tea cart.  But, oh didn't I wan't to bring so much of this home.


There were four of these chrome steel chairs and two of the teak units.  Both are beautiful.  I really

dig the chrome pieces.  The four of those can really spice up a vintage Cromecraft style table or

match up nice with a chrome and glass mod table.  A nice pair of teak dining chairs are a nice start

for someone who likes to do the mix and match thing.


Two good uses for a walnut tree.  The big Broyhill Brasilia Magna chest of drawers didn't appear

to have a price tag on it yet, or maybe it was sold already.  It was in excellent condition.  And who

don't love an Ant chair by Norman Cherner / Plycraft.  I once went to an auction on New Years

Day a few years ago hoping to score four of them to no avail.  I thought that since it was an early

auction on New Years morning that there wouldn't be many buyers there.  Pfff...whatever!  The

house was barely big enough for all the dealers who showed up!


That pic of the black leather Knoll / Pollock chairs is for Nick.  He's got a couple of them himself

and really likes them.  The vignette of chrome and black chairs with the framed blueprint, "tulip"

style side table and sculpture is a nice example of how all this eclectic style can fit together.


Lastly: a lovely black ebonized DCM Eames side or dining chair.  Believe me, there was LOTS

more that I could have taken pics of but I just tried to limit the photos to that which caught my eye

real quick.  Be sure to check out yesterday's post of the Russel Wright / Knowles "Grass" dining set.

It was so nice I decided to give it a posting all it's own!


  1. I do enjoy a good Pollock. I'll find one in good condition one of these days. Then I can get rid of the orphan collection.

    Hope you had a good trip to Chi-town and a great Thanksgiving!

  2. Regrettably, the so-called "Cobra lamp" was not designed by Norman Bel Geddes but JEAN OTIS REINECKE in 1946.

    Here is a full documentation pertaining to this lamp: