Tuesday, November 13, 2012

The Last Of The Weekends Estate Sale Booty. I Was Hoping To Snag Some Larger Items But It Just Wasn''t Meant To Be. Status: All Good.


I should have had this posted much earlier but my internet was down all night last evening.  I guess they were doing maintenance or something.  Anyway, I got it done.  Here's the last of the items I picked up a the Estate Sale Saturday morning.


Yup, I picked up another purty little piece of art glass.  This bud vase has a sticker saying "Made

in Poland".  Poland is a big glass maker?  I'm totally smitten with the colors and the fade from light

at the top to deep rich dark at the bottom.  And it's white inside!  Weird.


You KNOW I couldn't pass up a trio of kitties.  They're cast metal even though they appear to be

made of wood.  I'm still on the lookout for some of the porcelain statues that look sorta like these. 

I had a chance to pick some up at the Belleville Flea a while back and passed.  Kicking myself for

being so cheap now.


Like to burn ants but can't be bothered to sit and hold a magnifying glass in the noonday sun?

Creative Playthings has you covered! I'm not exactly sure what this was meant to do...I mean, I

know what it does but what kinda toy is that? Kids are easily amused.

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  1. Haha! Nice"creative playthings" thing description. I saw one at a local antique shopa few weeks back and was like "what is the point of that thing?!" and then I almost bought it because,well,it's cool. Lol!