Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Just Sharing Some Thrifted Smalls Headed Toward The Booth At The Green Shag Soon. It's Good To Have Three Well Stocked / Decent Turnover Thrifts Nearby. Status: Fresh Pickins.


I try to keep some real bargains in the booth (44) at the antique mall so buyers will remember and make their way back to check their traps often.  It's good for me, the Green Shag AND the buyers!  Win - Win - Win!


I'm not convinced that there is a buyer out there really Looking for a Windsor Canada googie

shaped ashtray, but if there is...I've got them covered!  Who knows, maybe someone will just

love the kitschyness of it, the shape and the color. 


Mad Men glasses.  That's what just about everybody with a TV calls these anymore.  I refer to

them as Dorothy Thorpe style glassware or silver rim lowballs.  These are just a touch smaller than

usual but the silver rims are So Shiny!


And lastly, yep...I've found another Sunbeam automatic toaster.  I've cleaned it up and it's nice

and shiny.  Mirror like actually.  The elements all work but I'm not sure that it works quite right

as it heats up but cycles off in short order.  It takes a little longer with the heat setting set to dark

but still not long enough for bread to toast.  It may have an issue.  It'll be priced accordingly.

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