Friday, November 23, 2012

Tea Anyone? I Just Snatched Up This Little Blonde Tea Cart This Afternoon While Tooling Around Chicago. Found It At A Hole In The Wall Thrift Storefront. Status: Lucky Me!


While we were driving around this afternoon looking for some of the Junque shops in Chi-Town as recommended by Lynne (of An Orange Moon - Chicago), we spotted a small storefront thrift called Urban Thrift and pulled right over to investigate.  This little Tea Cart is what we got for our trouble.


As typical with most thrift store finds, it's not in perfect condition.  Some of the original finish is

missing, there are some water rings on the lower level and the pivots for the casters are a little

loose.  None of these issues are really issues in my world and probably won't be to the next

owner but are easily remedied I'm sure.  Actually, since this isn't some sort of important piece

one could easily take some semi gloss black paint to the problem areas and give them and

"ebonized" treatment or gloss white for that lacquered look!  It would look smashing either

way I'm sure.


The top surface is a grass cloth look formica piece.  It's in excellent condition.  All the wheels are

eminently serviceable as well.  It's light but sturdy.  It's not quite as tall as I would expect a Tea

Cart to be but the only other thing I would think this to be would be a Microwave Cart...but surely

this predates the Consumer Microwave Oven by a few years.  What do you think?  Bar Cart



As alluded to above, we did hit some other thrifty type shops but didn't find much else. We're only in

Chicago for a short time as it is a family visit. We did stop by the Orange Moon and spend some time

sipping Tequila with the proprietor Lynne (go...see what I mean some time). I'll have a full post soon.

It's a beautiful joint.


  1. TV cart for your portable TV?

  2. Lucky you indeed. The Formica on the top may be my favorite thing about it.