Friday, November 2, 2012

It's Been A Little While Since We Last Took A Little Look At The Booth Space. It's Gotten A Little Crowded And I'm Just About To Re-Arrange. If You See Something Ya Like Act Quick! Status: Due For A Change.


Yeah, the word "chaos" comes to mind. Funny thing though, I managed to shoe horn the pair of gold vinyl Eames / Miller Aluminum Group chairs in here after the Parking Lot Sale and they sold within two days! ::Shrugg:: Go figure!


Here's some of the new artwork I've found lately. That large sunbather is actually a litho or maybe

a screen print and is signed, dated and numbered by the artist. I'm quite surprised it's still available!

It's in amazing condition for it's age (1974?, can't quite remember) and the fact that it went through

the Salvation Army's donation machine! The pair of more vintage style prints of Italian landscapes

are just regular old prints that I thought were just too nice to leave behind and thought I'd give

them a try.


Gawd, I've had that Danish style swag lamp for-ever!  I finally got around to putting it up and

plugging it in...but alas, not at home.  I just couldn't ever find a good place for it here so I put a

tag on it and have made it available at the booth.  The Broyhill Saga desk might be coming out.

I'm keen on placing the enamel table with chrome legs in here and I don't know if I've got room

for both.


My one little set of shelves for display.  I need something like this only about twice as tall!  Maybe

I just need another set of these stacked up on top of this one.  I really don't like to stack the smalls

on top of the tables and such that are for sale as I feel like it gives potential buyers pause.  Ever

decided to NOT buy an item because it looked too inconvenient to excavate from an antique

mall booth?


And you can see lots of stuff sitting on tables, desks and plant stands that are all

available!  Remember those books I featured a while back?  I put all of them except for the

Playboy Cocktail book up for sale.  One that I particularly liked, the House And Gardens

Interior Decoration book, I put a price tag on that I though was ridiculous...still it sold.  Dang!

I was kinda hoping it wouldn't sell!  But it definitely helps keep me in the green.  Since opening

this space I haven't failed to make money.  The first month was weak but the Green Shag paid

me and not the other way around!  Since then I've had Great months and some just decent

months but I'm sure that after all the expenses are paid (including cost of items, rent and the

malls cut) I've never failed to at least double my outlay, and on average I'm sure I've done Much

better than double!


...And what kind of son would Mr. Modtomic be if he didn't pimp his Momma's joint?  She to

has a rough time resisting the pressure to put smalls on bigs.  She's recently removed a large set

of shelves that were on the left side of her booth and I think the move has really brightened up

her spot.


She's got such great taste and doesn't just toss any old thing in here.  It really is a nicely curated

collection of items.  Right now Restoration Hardware is in kind of a Greyge mode but my Mom's

style smacks of what perhaps might end up - in part - in their Spring catalog.


And...AND! She does slip covers! Surprised at how much that sofa will cost to have re-upholstered?

Have it slip covered at a fraction of the price! You can WASH a slip cover! Tired of the look of your

dining chairs? Have 'em slip covered! Did I can WASH the slip covers.


  1. How much are you asking for the Broyhill Saga desk?

    1. Hi Anony.

      Shoot me a note to: mister.modtomic(at) and we can talk turkey. Please keep in mind that I don't ship but if you are not too far away I can deliver.

  2. Love the booth! A mid century hoarders dream! Lol!
    I'm really considering opening an MCM booth at a local antique store. I had put my name on a waiting list and they called today!
    I have to decide if I'm taking the ten x twelve booth by the weekend.
    Got any good advise for this guy? I could really use it. I've only done Craigslist and eBay sales till now. :0

    1. Keep good records of what you paid for your stock, what you have in your booth, and how much you've priced everything. Try to resist buying things to sell that you wouldn't be happy keeping for yourself. Keep that booth fresh and accessible. Make tags that are legible. Expect to have disappointing months from time to time. Get to know your vendor neighbors. Have fun!

  3. The place is just south of Nashville TN. so no!

  4. Hey thanks my man! Good advise. I forgot to make a list of what I actually paid for the stuff. Doing that tonight! Totally missed that one. :p
    Stop by my blog when I have it all set up so I can get a thumbs up or down. Need that eye of yours because your spot is amazing! Those orange lounge chairs w/matching ottomans you had in it made me wanna make a road trip just for them.
    Thanks again Mr.Mod
    Happy blogging :)