Saturday, November 3, 2012

Not Much To Share Today. Just Some More Stuff That's Found It's Way Here. Like I Need More Stuff. Awe, Who Am I Kiddin'...Of Course I Need More Stuff! Status: Smalls


While I was dropping off a table to get a little freshening up at a buddies place (more on the results later) I was offered yet another super mod plant stand.  Do I have need of another super mod plant stand...or a plant stand of any type, for real?  Nope.  But, as is often the case, it was offered at such price as that I could not refuse.  It was cheap...and I love these whether I can use them or not.


Oh, if only I had the patience and necessary skills to grow plants.  Maybe next spring.  I did

manage to grow some grass in our front yard this summer (which promptly got scorched days

after we left for vacation) but grass seems easy as once it gets going it's relatively self sustaining. 

Plants are like...puppies or kittens.  Reliant on constant attention for their very life.  I'm just not

possessed of that level of responsibility.


This is a strange little lamp shade.  The outside (the part you can easily see above) doesn't look

vintage...or at least looks newish trying to look vintage.  But it has a semi opaque plastic sleeve

inside that looks truly old.  It's not real pretty so I didn't bother to shoot it.  It' actually been too

close to a hot bulb or two and has some scars to show for it.


And yet another patent vinyl ice bucket!  This time in a very light, subtle Chartreuse with a matching

knob and a clear handle.  I been finding so many of these lately that they are only rivaled by my

finding of vintage modern fireplace tool sets!  The good news is that having so many available means

I've got lots of colors to choose from!

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  1. I have a similar plant stand and I love it! Even tho my plants often die - I instead filled some cheery colored planters with seashells that my mother-in-law had collected. Voila!