Tuesday, November 20, 2012

If You're Looking To Add A Real POP Of Color To Your Living Room You Might Wanna Get Yerself Down To The Green Shag Market And Check Out This Truely Rad Sofa And Chair Set That Just Arrived! Status: Available!


I made my normal weekend appearance at the Green Shag Market Sunday to check my booth / stock and found this shockingly colorful living room setup newly available in the front section of the shop. Dan, the shop keep, directed me toward it knowing that I'd have to show it off to you, my loyal readership. First come first served!


I forgot to ask Dan where this set came from but he must have gotten a pretty good deal on it 'cuz

he's only asking $895 for the chair and sofa.  I'm not sure if that includes the corner table.  If not,

you should pick that up as it fits just oh so perfectly.  Maybe even see if you can snatch up that

Green Shag rug the set is resting on!


There's not a lot of info about Sam Belz or De Kor out there.  At least not that I can find.  The

vinyl is in good shape so it's pretty good quality.  There is a button missing on the chair that you

can just make out in the photo above.  Check out how the arms of the sofa angle in and then

curve to make up the backrest.  It's a great but simple detail.  Very mod!  The painting (yes, real

painting!) above the sofa is a Lee Reynolds that has been in the shop for a while but oddly

matches the set super well!

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  1. Looks like a really great price for the end user! Pretty damn sweet looking set! Bit out of my price range as a dealer though...