Monday, October 1, 2012

The Pod Planter (Malcom Lealand Hanging Totem) I Featured Yesterday Was Purchaded At A Very Nice Antique Mall In Normal Illinois Called The Bronze Giraffe, Which Was Kind Enough To Let Me Snap Some Photos While I Shopped. Status: Explored / Approved.


On my way to Chicago Sunday I was hoping to stop and quickly run through a couple of the antique malls that litter the exits along the way. I realized right away that this plan had a fatal flaw. I got such an early start that NONE of them (I stopped at 5) were open yet! Not until I was half way to Chicago did I FINALLY find one that was ready to take my hard earned cash! Lucky for me it turned out to be a good one!


I ended up spending more time here than I should have. I actually made myself late for my

appointment in Chicago to meet the Brasilia night stand buyers. They were OK with my

being a little late though, I just gave them a call and rescheduled for a half hour later. I ended

up stuck in a little bit of traffic that I did not anticipate but arrived exactly at my rescheduled

time! The buyers were happy as a clam to get those sweet, hard to find night stands too.


There were Two main sellers of the good vintage modern stuff here and I had kind of a hard

time deciding what to buy. There were too many things that were priced just about right for

me but I couldn't buy them all! And then I had to consider space in the car AND the fact that

I was planning on visiting BAM in Chicago on Broadway. So it was just the single medium

size object I showed you yesterday.


But don't misunderstand me, there were plenty of lust worthy objects of vintage modern

desire scattered around the mall in other booths. Those are sometimes the best places to

find the REAL bargains too. Sometimes a vendor who deals primarily in "antique" vintage

will display a piece or two of vintage modern in their booth that they really have no interest

in. This usually means that the seller didn't feel like doing the research to see what the going

rate might be and might have underpriced the items. This might not happen a lot, but it

happens enough to keep ME looking!


See all that Russel Wright Iroquois?  It must be catching on cuz it weren't cheap...but it was

reasonably priced.  I so spoiled by finding the Iroquois dirt cheap.  I was digging the painting

above too.  It's not a print and it's of a style that I have a number of in print form here in our

humble abode.  But it was painted in like '05!  Weird, that.


Nope, you're not seeing double...two identical sets of tall glassware in caddies!  Nice.  Just

in case you get LOTS of company!  And in the same booth was a spectacular Chromcraft

style dining table with chairs.  These booths were pretty eclectic in there offerings ranging

from Retro to Antique to Vintage Modern. 


I think that Chromcraft style table above was only $45.  Check out the really cool chrome

steel taper legs.  They're super thick up top!  Like baseball bats.  If I would have taken the

Focus Wagon I would have brought it home.  You can see there was a pretty good mix of

wears to be had.  I loved that large orange art glass piece.  I'm kinda wondering why I didn't

buy it.


Actually, before I made the trip I looked on some of the craigslists I be passing through to

see if I might be able to find something good either on my way or on the way back.  I spotted

an ad on one of them for the two vendors at the top who had the preponderance of vintage

modern.  I didn't realize that this is the antique mall that they were selling out of!  I'm glad to

have found them and I'll be sure to stop in any chance I get when traveling to and from

Chi-town.  It's only 150 miles...I may even be tempted to make a special trip just to here.


Sorry this posting is a little late too, but now I'm on a 9:30pm to 6am shift for this week and

it's messing with my daily schedule. So it's time for me to hit the hay, hope you have a good

morning and a fine Monday!

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