Sunday, October 14, 2012

Looking For Some Cheap Style? Melissa Nominated Millwaukee Wisconsin For Our Latest Craigslist Query. Status: Not My Turf!

Greetings from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, The City That Made Beer Famous - Large Letter Postcard

It may be like pulling teeth (San Fransisco) but the results never cease to amaze me. With just an hour or so searching I'm able to come up with what I suspect are some very nice, overlooked gems in each of the metropolitan areas that I've been charged with scouring, and the Milwaukee Wisconsin craigslist has been no different. Craigslist is like thrifting from the comfort of your favorite easy chair! Don't have a favorite easy chair? I bet you could find one on craigslist!


Well here's a good candidate for that favorite easy chair!  It's hard to believe that the seller

only wants $10 for this fine Overman swivel rocker and ottoman.  Good looking set in vinyl

too.  Looks like it's in great shape.  Wish it were 'round here!


Huh, I've never seen a Broyhill Brasilia bookcase headboard before! You? If you're doing a

childs room in your vintage modern joint this would be a great score. Finding all the dressers,

chests and nightstands would be the easy part. Well, maybe not the nightstands...a single

might not be TOO hard and would serve a Twin size bed just fine anyway. This Twin

Bookcase Broyhill Brasilia headboard and footboard is bargain priced at a mere $150


It's certainly not an original Knoll but this Saarinen style tulip dining table is also price at just

!  Bargain!  Oh sure, it needs a little cleaning up and maybe that top isn't in the greatest

shape, but it look serviceable as is and you could always replace the top later.  I'd have it!


Another Tulip style table, this time by Cromecraft I think, is available but a slightly high asking.

This one is still pretty cheap at $100 and you wouldn't have to do anything but polish up that

chrome base looks to me.  I had one like this a while back and broke that big oval smoked

glass top while trying to load it by myself.  Be warned if you snatch this up.  Take a friend!


You're gonna want to cook something to toss onto those tables, right?  Surely there'll be a

couple more warm days for grilling and you wanna look authentic when you do so.  These

red Weber grills are super hard to find in decent condition and this one is price pretty

reasonably at $65
.  I've already got a pair of red Webers and I'd probably still have to get

this one too!


If you need more than just a table then this deal might be right up your alley.  It's a good

looking Scandinavian style draw leaf table and 5 - 6 chairs for the paltry sum of just $150

(dropped from $165 as is listed in the body of the ad).  One of the 6 chairs apparently needs

some work / glue but I'd get it anyway as you're not likely to find any other matching chairs

later.  Two more would be ideal given the size of the table when the extensions are pulled.

Looks like a great value to me.


This pretty little Heywood Wakefield drop leaf extension table looks like it could use some

love.  I'm sure that A Modern Line could help you with info as to how to refinish this yourself

if you were so inclined.  At only $100 you couldn't go wrong.  It'd be find to use as is!


Here's another cute little blondie!  It's not Hey / Wake but it's got some killer style.  You'd

have to be down with a mix and match livingroom setup as I doubt you'll ever find an matching

coffee table for this.  The seller is only asking $35 for it and I think that's just a dirt cheap

bargain.  Love those legs too!


Years ago I picked up this same Slavic-Modern rocking chair from a local Goodwill, except

it was all black.  I paid exactly the same $45 that the seller is asking for this one!  I put it on

craigslist later for $95 and had people from LA to NYC emailing me asking to have it shipped.

I ended up selling it to an acquaintance in New Orleans and taking it down there with me on

one of my many trips to the Big Easy.  Suffice it to say, I'd snatch this one up too for that price!


Lastly I've found another Slavic-Modern Wegner style folding rope chair for just $100.

These are great chairs to have on hand for extra company or as your main seating in you

family / livingroom.   You'd probably want to toss some sort of padding or cover over

them as they do deliver a nice waffle pattern to you backside if you don't...I know, I had

a pair for a while!


  1. As always some very nice finds and the prices were pretty darn good too. Usually there's no lack of stuff to be found if you don't mind the mind numbing job of searching through hundreds of frogs to find the princesses of the bunch! Those small wishbone H/W dining tables don't come around everyday and that would definetely be a snatch!

  2. I can't believe that nice looking lounge chair and ottoman are only $10.00!!!! OMG-I'd have it for that price, too. But, alas, I am on the East Coast! Some nice finds you have there.

  3. Thanks for looking in Milwaukee! THe hubby liked the weber grill. May have to snag that rocker. Super!

  4. Nice work. I NEVER find stuff like that and so cheap in Orange County CA. If you are ever in the mood.

  5. GAH!!! I was in Milwaukee this past weekend...but didn't read your blog! If I had, I totally would have come home with that first chair/ottoman. And maybe the rocker. Dammit.