Saturday, October 6, 2012

Looking For Some Cheap Style? Tim - Presumably Of The Hoosier State - Requests A Sifting Of The Indianapolis Craigslist. Wanna See What We Can Find? Status: Not My Turf!

Greetings from Indianapolis, Indiana - Large Letter Postcard

There's plenty of easy to find vintage modern in Indy.  Just plug in your key words and start clicking!  These easy pickings are usually the pricier finds.  I try to keep from utilizing those here but sometimes even THOSE can be a bargain.  The only issue with those items is that they usually get snapped up pretty quick, but I'm gonna show a few anyway.  If they are already gone, my apologies.  If they aren't, you better not hem and haw over 'em, or they WILL be gone!


Boy, I kinda hesitate to show this one 'cuz...well, I wanna go get it!  80 pieces of Redwing

Bobwhite china for just $200
?  My kinda bargain!  It's a four hour drive there and four

hours back...and that is tempering my desire.  Lemme know if you snatch this amazing set I can put it out of my (crazy?) mind!


These rather interesting end tables might be a little too rough for some but they are priced

accordingly.  $40 puts the pair in the back of your car, truck or flying saucer.  If you can live

with the minor damage or are savvy enough to repair it yourself, these might just be for you!


This too needs a little love but I'd be happy to drop the asking $100 cash down on it to have

the opportunity to do so!  The ad says it's by Komfort of Denmark.  I'm loving the very

sculpted armrest and it's got all the style of a danish lounge chair but with the utility of a rocking

chair!  I love to rock out!


OK, an asking price of $300 this might not really qualify as a bargain...but c'mon,

look how pretty!  I would love love Love to have a coffee table this gorgeous, wouldn't you?

 Check out the ad to better see the amazing grain and sexy legs.  But don't blame me if you

gotta eat Ramen Noodles for a couple of weeks afterward!


This Preway style electric fireplace certainly DOES qualify as a true bargain!  The asking is

a mere $50.  Fifty Bucks!!!  I'll take a dozen, thank!  Too bad there's only the one.  There

aren't any key words like "retro" or even "vintage" in the ad so this might just still be available!


Another similar bargain would be this PAIR (I know...only one shown) of Lane Perception

end tables for...wait for it....Thirty Bucks!!!
  Again, no keywords!  Yes, of course...they do

need some refinishing help but you can afford to learn how to do that yourself on these!

Screw 'em're out $30!  But I think you'll do just fine!


This certainly AIN'T no an asking of $1400 (it does include a smaller matching

love seat), but I just had to include it anyway.  It's just so damn gorgeous, don't you think?

I gotta say, if I came across something like this 'round here...with a much lower asking...I'd

have to have it.  I gotta weird thing for this look!  Something about New Orleans, I'm sure...


It's not a Knoll / Saarinen dining set but it's not priced prohibitively high either with an asking

of just $250
.  You get all the style without having to get a mortgage for it!  I think Pam over at

RetroRenovation has this same set
.   And she gave up Knoll / Saarinen reproductions for hers!


This easy chair and ottoman might not have the panache of an Eames set...or even a knockoff

/ reproduction...but it looks like it's real leather AND - more importantly - it looks comfortable.

I'd drop by and give it a test drive if I were in the Indy area.  The ad is sporting the keywords

"retro" and "vintage"
but it may still be available and it's just $150...did I mention that it looks

like it's made of real leather?


I'm one of those people who can't stand to "mix and match" - or whatever -  their dining

chairs.  Even at it's best, it still drives me to distraction.  But I know that there are lots of

people out there who can and even aspire to have wonky dining rooms filled with mismatched

pieces.  Maybe someone like that could incorporate a beautiful pair of danish style chairs

on the cheap
into their joint!  Or maybe you just need a single for a desk.  Flip the second

to recoup the $35 asking price of this fine pair!


  1. Thanks for the Indy shout-out! I check the Indy ads all the time and still managed to miss ALL of these. There should be a class on how to succesfully navigate C-list. Liking the lounger a LOT, but just invested some money in an Eames knock-off.

  2. The orange chair looks to be an early 90s Ekornes chair from Norway. I have a 2008 version with wood trim instead of metal, and I think it's way more comfortable than the Eames chairs we've sold. The leather Ekornes uses is very high quality, and since the chairs go for around $1800 and up, it's a good buy at $150.