Monday, October 29, 2012

Other Recent Long Weekend Thrifty Thrift Finds. So Many Great Smalls. Making Up For The Dry Spell Not Too Long Ago. Status: Raining / Pouring!


The craziness here is all the Ice Buckets I've been finding lately!  I've got maybe 10 or even as much as a dozen now.  Some are more interesting than others and some are in better condition than others.  This one is a great style but has condition issues.  I'll be dropping it off at the Green Shag Market in my booth (44) soon as is but it could be done up nice with some polishing.


And Fireplace pokers?  Forget about it!  I got 'em coming out my ears lately!  AND....'tis the

season, right?  I actually just went out and bought a load of split wood for our fireplace this

evening.  It's the perfect weather in the StL for a fire too.  So I've got a couple of them available

now at the booth and at different budget levels, though all are very stylish...if you're ready to be

rid of that frilly brass victorian looking set.


You might remember seeing these a few days ago but those pics where inside a thrift with crumby

ligthing and taken with my cell.  Ain't these much purdier pictures?  I was gonna put these in the

booth too but now I'm having second thoughts.  These are uncommonly cool.  The swirls and

color combination are quite interesting and did you happen to notice the gold rim?  Nice vintage



Does anybody else wonder how a vintage mailbox ends up at the Salvation Army Thrift Store? 

Don't this look like it came right off a "canned ham" travel trailer?  It totally needs a stripping and

perhaps a repaint but I think that at least the ends are aluminum so maybe just the center needs

paint.  Anybody close by up for the task?


  1. Howdy, I stole this idea from someone else but the ice buckets that are stainless steel like the penguin buckets make great holders for compost scrapes in the kitchen till you bring them out to the compost bin and they look stylish at the same time.

  2. Hey, Mr. Mod. i was creepin' around on Flickr and came across this photo:

    That light fixture look familiar?