Sunday, October 7, 2012

This Is It. The Final Chapter In The Epic BAM Chicago Trilogy. You've Seen The Smalls. You've Seen The Seating. Here's The Rest! Status: Back To Our Regular Programing Tomorrow.


Even the outside of this place is really cool!  Check out that art deco marquee!  You've got your glass block window behind it and all that yellow glazed tile.  I wonder what this building was originally built for?  The stairs to the second floor are right inside the door, are beautiful and are meant to be seen - so I'm sure the upstairs was supposed to be frequented by customers, such as it is now.


Can you believe I took enough photos to fill THREE blog posts at the Broadway Antique

Market and Still I was holding back!  Like I said before, I was using the flash on most of

these photos since I was shooting indoors and that really sucks the life out of my batteries. 

I keep extras with me for just such an occasion but they all only have so much juice.  You'll

note that you don't see much of the dreaded "flash shadow" in these pics.  I've figured out

how to set my camera up so that it utilizes some exposure from the flash but then holds the

aperture open to capture the naturally occurring light as well and sorta sums and divides the

two.  The results look SO much better than shooting with or without a flash on their normal



The dresser in the first pic above was sold, as was a lot of other pieces in the shop.  But then,

I found the exact same dresser upstairs...behind a HUGE circular coffee table!  I was surprised

by how many sold items there were throughout the store.  I guess having a Focus Wagon

means never having to ask a shop to hold an item!  I buy, load and wave goodby!


The Broadway Antique Market keeps a nice variety in the building.  As you can see, there's

plenty of Danish Modern but there's also lots of retro, vintage and even some industrial chic! 

I've never thought about putting a china cabinet in a dressing room but doesn't that big black

swirly thing look natural around all those girly chothes?  A great way for you ladies to show

off your prettiest shoes and bags.  I know that women stereotypically buy a lot of shoes, but

do any of you "collect" shoes?  Like if you see a particular shoe at a thrift that you know is

Stupid expensive but is beautiful and the wrong size, would you buy it just to have?  Would

you buy an expensive bag just to have and never really use, the way I buy and collect vintage

Irons and Dishes?


Wow, there's a lot of teak and caning in this joint!  If you're in need of some Scandinavian

style case goods you're sure to find something to your liking 'round here.  I'd almost say that

teak is the "In" thing in Chicago but then you go upstairs and find a large selection of...


...Heywood Wakefield!  This isn't even all of it!  There were lots of other pieces that were

just in spots too hard to photograph.  Still, even if this was all there was available, it sure beats

what you'd find in ALL the antique malls around here!  And it's in good condition.  I don't

know if it's been refinished or if it's all original but it all looked great.


That wall unit looks like it would fit right in with a Lane Perception dining room or living room

set.  Have you ever seen a Lane Acclaim coffee table such as this?  It's huge AND it has a little

drawer...I guess for all your remotes!  There are tons of dining table options available but it

looks like I only shot these two.  But they are two very nice options, no?


  1. That's one great looking place! I would guess that if I was looking to buy for myself rather than resale I could easily fill a whole house. That H/W Encore chest and dresser look like someone has changed the legs. I've never seen these pieces with the longer gams, but they still look good!

  2. Lots of cool stuff. I like the teak and cane combo, and I've always been fascinated by that big round Milo Baughman revolving coffee table.

  3. The BAM building was originally a furniture store. Also .. there's another antique mall about 3 blocks north (on Broadway) that has a lot of mid-mod: Edgewater Antique Mall.

  4. love that lane acclaim table...never seen it either. i recently acquired a sofa table from that line that also has a drawer. lots of pieces i didn't know about

  5. Love BAM and Edgewater Antique Mall!