Monday, October 15, 2012

This HUGE Set Of Canonsburg Temporama Dinnerware Popped Up On Craigslist Friday Afternoon. I Couldn't Resist. Status: Added To The Vast Collection.


OK, so I talk a big game about searching craigslist without using keyword, but for real...I still do it. I DO, in fact, miss a thing or two by plowing headlong through reams and reams of ads to find those what lack the oh so useful keywords. Would have missed these had I not...and that would have been sad.


You might remember, if you've been reading Mr. Modtomic for a while, that I've kinda / sorta

been half heartedly trying to get a collection started of this pattern
- Temporama by Canons-

burg - for a while.  This small "set" you see above is all I've been able to put together up until

now.  Three dinner plates, a pair of teacups and a chop plate.  Sad really, don't ya think?


So when a big, full, fat - if unfinished - collection showed up on craigslist I had a decision to

make.  It wasn't cheap but it was still bargain priced when you tally it all up.  But I DO prefer

to find my collections bit by bit and cobble it all together myself.  It's all good though, there are

a few bits and pieces I've got to come up with to fill it out.  Counting the 3 dining plates I

already had I have a total of 11 now.  Coincidentally, I've also got 11 of the desert plates!


The goal now is to have a complete setting for 12.  I've got 10 of these berry bowls and 8

bread plates.  It's not like I've done a ton of research on this pattern in the past but I didn't

even know that there were solid robins egg blue pieces in this pattern.  I wasn't sure that they

were actually part of the set at first.


Seeing the cap on the coffee pot and sugar bowl put that question out of my mind.  They are

a dead match.  Plus I looked around on eBay a little while ago and there were lots of bits and

pieces there in the robins egg blue.  And well, there's that blue in the pattern itself.  That MIGHT

have been a clue. It was such a coup to find a set with all these serving pieces and in absolutely

perfect condition!  Made Mr. Modtomic a happy man.


So yeah, here's where I'll be doing some searching, scrounging, begging and trading.  I've only

got 3 cereal / soup bowls!  Saturday morning my good friend Illuminate and I were staking out

an estate sale and when I showed her the ad for the set she wondered why there were only the

3 coup bowls.  My theory is that kids use cereal bowls more so than adults, and who breaks

more dishes than kids?  There are also a pair of serving bowls in this set.  I use bowls like this

for Pho and Ramen all the time!  Mr. Modtomic is a growing boy and he needs his big ol' bowl

a soup!


Before I set the dishes up to photograph I had to wash the dust off a few of them.  After I dried

them and started setting them up I had the big blue gravy boat saucer sitting on the table sans

gravy boat.  I had washed it and put it in a different place and consequently forgot about it.  I

was all like, "what the heck goes on this big saucer?  Nothing fits!"  After scratching my head

and furrowing by brow for a few minutes I finally spotted the gravy boat and felt kinda dumb.

Here's something weird, I've got 12 teacups (14 with the two I already had!) but only 10 tea-

cup saucers.  Seems like you always end up with much more saucers than teacups.  Not so

this time!


Look at the size of that BIG chop plate!  I can pile tons of chops on that baby!  The set is far

from complete but this large lot goes a LONG way towards getting Temporama out of my

system.  You should have seen me scouring eBay for a big Franciscan Starburst salad serving

bowl after I missed out on one that I lost to a higher bidder at an antique auction a few years

ago.  Once a pattern sinks it's teeth into me, it's hard to get free!


  1. I'm happy you got to pick that up! It's a lovely collection! Very nice.

  2. I recently came upon a partial Temporama set... only the blue pieces! Yup, someone had snatched all the patterned pieces (I assume) but had not realized that the solid robins egg blue pieces went with the set. I got a bunch of saucers, bread plates and a gravy boat under plate (I have a couple of lose temporama gravy boats so that works out well).
    BTW_-super jealous about that coffee pot, creamer and sugar

  3. And I have only ONE piece and that's a dinner plate...fifty cents, yah!

  4. I ran across all the white background pieces in a thrift and searched high and low for the blue pieces and found them, boxed up together. Obviously they had no idea that they went together too! There are also some plastic melmac dishes out there with the Temporama pattern, I have a few pieces of it. Plus there are drinking glasses with the Dorothy Thorpe silver fade sheen to them with the pattern, bought them in Indy. Wait till you find the covered casserole! Way cool!

  5. I found an entire service for 12 (including two serving platters) at the Salvation Army about a year and a half ago. I use them as my everyday dishes. Love them! There is an egg dish as well. The only piece I'm missing is the coffee pot.

  6. Great find! I've only got 4 dinner plates (my 9 year old daughter accidentally broke the 5th one and cried- she loves this pattern, too). Like you, I like to cobble my collections together- the hunt is half the fun!

  7. buy mine!15 ble plates,6&6 1/2"the rest is patterned:8 dinner plates,10 5 1/2"bowls,4-6inch bowls,8-7 1/2"plates,8 tea/coffee cups,9 1/2x11 1/2 serving plate,12x13 3/4 serving plate,9x2inch deep bowl,9x4inch deep handled bowl with lid,gravy boat,salt&pepper,creamer,sugar with lid&spoon.any&all reasonable offers.central fl area or ship.will break up due to shipping.also butter lid only with 1/2"crack under glaze.

  8. I have 8 dinner plates, 8 soup bowls and 5 coffee cups
    never used.

  9. I need the coffee pot the egg plate and the salt pepper shakers.....I have the rest that I found at a thrift shop. I LOVE them

  10. I need the coffee pot the egg plate and the salt pepper shakers.....I have the rest that I found at a thrift shop. I LOVE them

  11. I just ran across and bought a set for 8, mostly complete. Can I put these in the dishwasher or should they be washed by hand?

  12. I just bought a sugar and creamer and the lid to the sugar is white not blue as I see on most of them.. Anyone know why it would be white? It fits.. and has the same round flat shaped finial.. Thank you.

  13. I have a large amount of this pattern. Sincerely I think it's a collection of several sets most look like never or lightly used. This is not for a microwave and I want to dump cheap! I'm in Philly area uppermerionguy@aol if int

  14. Are you still looking for this pattern? I have quite a large collection for sale.

    1. Do you still have this available?