Friday, October 5, 2012

Ugh...Just Got Home From Work. Graveyard Shift. TGIF. Let's Check Out Some Of The Amazing Seating Available At BAM In Chicago. Status: Two Floors Of Goodness.


It's got to cost these vendors a small fortune to keep such an uncluttered vignette such as this every month.  I guess the turnover must be real good or maybe it's just a hobby but I only see 10 items for sale in this space (which is only half what the vender is selling out of, but it's pretty much the same story in the other half!).  At least it looks REALLY Good!  I love steel frame furniture like this but it often looks a little kitschy or retro.  This set looks...well, expensive and well appointed!


First thing you gotta know about Broadway Antique Market in Chicago is that the place is

BIG.  Two floors big!  Thanks the heavens that there's plenty of places for your tired bum

to rest!  Of course those comfy pit stops are there to be sold and not necessarily for your

convenience...but just keep a pleasantly surprised look on your mug and everybody'll think

your "test fitting" your back side.  Not only is there a generous supply of seating but a great

selection of styles from the vintage modern era.  The phrase "Kid in a Candy Store" comes

to mind!


Right there at the top of my current wish list is a vintage Knoll Barcelona Chair.  I really want

one that has leather that has been broken an old motorcycle jacket.  That one up there

above will do just right...if anyone is wondering what Mr. Modtomic needs for X-mas!  That

pair of Streamline Modern chairs (kinda reminiscent of Kem Weber designs) look mighty

inviting too.


You know, I thought those folding chairs I picked up a while back and sold in my booth at

the Green Shag Market
were about the coolest folding chairs ever...'til I spotted that set

above!  THOSE are amazing looking chairs...folding or otherwise.  Those tall back swivel

armchairs have me scratching my head a little bit.  Office seating turned dining chairs? 


What's not to love here?  That curvy orange number is just too sexy.  The danish split sofa

was sporting a SOLD were a Lot of items around the joint.  I love Arthur Umanoff

stools and chairs.  Not enough to trade my Erik Buck stools...but I do love them.  In stark

contrast to the sexy orange number, this blocky Baughman-ish sofa sported some intriguing

upholstery.  I'd be happy to take a nap on it!


  1. I like the 4 dining room chairs, office chairs at the end. This is an amazing space with tons of mid-century. My cousin lives in Chicago so I will check it out!!!

  2. Lots of great MCM eye candy at this place! Probably not within my budget but still a fun walk about. Those folding chairs are swell! I picked up 4 folding chairs recently I hope to post on soon. Hope they turn out as "Wonderfold" as I hope!