Thursday, October 18, 2012

Geez, I Gotta Get This Stuff All Tagged And Packed For The Big Party Saturday. Party? I Meant Shag Lot Sale! But Other Than Getting Up At The Crack (Head) Of Dawn, It'll Be One Big Festival Of Vintage, Retro, Danish, Antique And All Good Old Stuff In General! Status: Stocked Up!.


So, see anything ya like? Anything ya just gotta have? Except for the Texas Ware Confetti mixing bowl (the Girlfriends!) it's all up for grabs! I been busy as a lil' ol' bee making up tags and getting things boxed up for the Parking Lot Sale this Saturday.


Yeah, we popped into the Goodwill Saturday and while Mr. Modtomic was on his mobile

handlin' his business the Girlfriend zeroed in on this lovely vintage Texas Ware mixing bowl!

She's got a nose for the plastics. I can't explain how she found this before I did any other way!

Eez Weird! But I love the Texas Ware Confetti stuff to and it's so freakin' hard to find anywhere

but at antique I thinks we be keeping this one. Now that that's outa' the way...


I haven't really been hitting the bricks too hard looking for vintage modern Christmas stuff like

maybe I should. I mean, really...what's out there? I don't really even know what to look for

other than a shiny aluminum Christmas tree. I don't have any vintage ornaments and I don't

know if I'd be able to tell the difference if I did. But I did find these last week and I think they

are amazing! They are about as close to Vintage Modern Christmas as I've seen. What do you

think? Do you collect Vintage Modern Christmas? If so, what do you look for? I'd love to be

able to offer some seasonal whatnots in Booth 44! Meanwhile, look for these at the sale



These Dorothy Thorpe style "Mad Men" (as I'm sure they'll forever be known as now) glasses

will also be at the Shag Lot Sale. I've got a couple good sets of these myself and have given a

couple sets away as gifts but I'm always looking for more. I picked these up at an estate sale

over the weekend that I staked out with Illuminate1. There are actually 8 total but two of them

are kinda faded. I'll just hold onto those two for 'round the house glassware.


Need a candy dish? How about a pretty lil' place to toss your change or keys when you get

home? Maybe a place to put your rings and assorted other jewelry? Could you keep it any

more real with one of these? No. I almost can't let go of them! I'd get fat eating all the hard

candy out of them they's yours for the snatching.


Got nick nacks? You gonna need a little nick nack shelf for those. You don't want no "floating

shelf" from CB2 or IKEA do you? You know that every time a credit card is swiped at one of

those places a baby bunny sheds a tear, don't you? Buy vintage and help keep our wild places

sadness free! Damn, it's upside down in those pics ain't it?  My stupid.


Mr. Modtomic's bring the 411, droppin' knowledge bombs and leaving no vintage thrifter

behind! I got books for collecting and books for what to collect! Can you believe these were

at the Goodwill (near downtown)? I hardly ever find any books worth picking up but I've

been getting real lucky lately. I'll have this pair of "price / guide" type books at the sale and

I've got about a half dozen other cool books available in my space (Booth 44) inside the

Green Shag Market antique mall, which - of course - will be open as well. I'm hoping lots

of people will stop by and say hi! And buy all my Stuff!!!

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