Thursday, October 4, 2012

I Know...You Were Expecting More Photos From BAM In Chicago, But The Girlfriend Picked Up This Amazing Ceramic And Walnut Lamp While I Was There. Status: And More!


Actually the Girlfriend picked up not One but TWO great lamps while I was off gallivanting through Illinois.  This white ceramic and walnut is a keeper but the second one has already made it's way to my booth (44) at the Green Shag Market in the city.  The second lamp is a close match to one that I've already got in there so it was a natural to be offered as well.  Then, when I got back I managed to pick up a few cool items myself!


This is the keeper lamp.  It didn't have a shade but I always have a couple extras laying

around for just such an event.  This shade may not be the shade that stays but it is about the

right scale.  I feel like I've seen this lamp base before on the web.  Anybody else got any

idea on an ID of this lamp?  I don't normally even think about IDing a lamp but this one is

just so unusual and striking.


I drove all the way to St. Charles to find only this one little blue glass bud vase to ad to my

growing collection of art glass.  I swore I wouldn't start collecting art glass...but well, Fail.

There it is, right?  And what you see here isn't even ALL of it!  I guess it's a better fail than

breaking a light fixture or a Hopscotch teacup!  Looks nice with the rest of the motley crew.


Another Fail.  Not mine, this time.  I found ANOTHER Dorothy Thorpe chip, dip and

toothpick set at the Value Village yesterday and when I got home I pulled the taped on tag

off.  The silver plating came off WITH the tape!  OUCH!!!  At least the rest of the set is in

good shape.  And if someone should have the metal part that holds the dip and toothpick

holder onto the edge of the chip bowl...well, the dip bowl will hide the blemish nicely.  I'll

drop this off in the booth soon.


Also found yesterday, a big ol' pile of books!  I hardly ever find cool books at the thrift stores

so it was nice to find a large lot all at once.  I'll feature these all at another time.  I've barely

had a chance to look them over but thus far I think my favorite is going to be the Playboy's

Host & Bar Book.  It's got tons of home bartending info in it like what glass is used to serve

what drink and how to plan and pull off different kind of parties.  Oh, and lots of drink recipes!

No naked ladies though.  Not a one.  No...Really...I checked!


  1. My wife has gobs of vintage Playboy magazines at her shop. Of course I only read them for the great articles! ;-)

  2. Hi Mod,

    Did you got to St. Charles, IL? If so, where did you go? A store or was it a CL thing?