Saturday, October 20, 2012

When Spending The Day Selling Vintage Modern In An Antique Mall Parking Lot, Mr. Modtomic Likes To Keep It...Luxurious. Real Leather And Chrome Steel From Italy Is The Only Way To Lounge. Status: Available...At The Green Shag Market Parking Lot Sale!


Oh yes, my good friends.  The Mister and the Girlfriend will be keeping it real at the Green Shag Market Parking Lot Sale today...real COMFORTABLE that is!  These will be available at the sale but I don't care if they sell all day or not.  I'll just be happy to get to sink into their leathery loungey goodness for as long as I can!


Acquisition: This pair of Italian Le Corbusier LC3 Crand Confort (sic?) style chairs were made

available a few days ago on craigslist.  No Keywords, just "all leather" and "feather stuffed".

It was the pic that got me.  I've seen plenty of Le Corbusier style chairs in the past but I wasn't

familiar with this version.  It's the serious opium den lounge version meant for those with

absolutely no regard for upright posture.


All the Le Corbusier designs I was familiar with were also possessed of the tubular chrome

steel framework bu had solid and structured padding in the seat, back and arms.  I wasn't

quite sure what to make of this pair and so I hesitated.  I let them sit on craigslist for a full

day before I just couldn't take anymore.  I called the number and set up an appointment to

buy still unsure of what I was buying.  And yet, I felt sure that I had seen one somewhere



Identification: Oh yes!  Sherlock!  The original BBC Sherlock.  The GOOD one.  Right there

in 221b sits a crumpled if perhaps lighter colored version of the very same chair
.  "I'm Bored!!!" 

I promise, I won't be painting a yellow smiley face on the wall and shooting at it from My

LC3 style chairs...though I would love to have a couple rolls of that graphic wallpaper, flocked



I was dubious of the "real leather" and "feather filled" but they are real leather and I'm not going

to tear them apart to find out if they are feather filled.  But I think they are.  They both sport

"Made In Italy" stickers on the frames so I thought they might be by Cassina, but alas - there is

no Cassina markings on them.  They are otherwise reproductions.  The seller told me she got

them from her former lawyers office.


I think she also "cleaned" the leather with Armor All.  Maybe not the best product to use on

the seats.  They are kinda slick and have that New(ly cleaned) Dashboard Smell but they are

in very good shape.  The backrest cushion on one of the chairs has a couple of thin scrapes -

probably from something in a pocket or maybe a denim rivet - and there is some general spills

and a touch of white paint but nothing that can't be dealt and or lived with.


The chrome is in awesome shape.  Only issue with the frames is that I need some "feet" at the

bottom of the legs.  They are all gone.  Weird.  All of the straps are in excellent shape if maybe

a little stretched.  I gotta tell ya, it's hard not to keep these!  I keep finding all these great chairs

and I haven't a way to use all of them!  What a thing to be bummed out about, huh?

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  1. This is reminiscent or the LC-4 chaise I had in the store awhile back. Made in Italy but not with the Cassina label. Still a really nice quality reproduction. Those Italians know how to make some good stuff!