Thursday, October 11, 2012

Mr. Modtomic Plucked A Plethora Of Prime Pickings This Previous Weekend. I'm Procuring Pounds Of Product, Predicting A Profuse Payoff When Pimped To My Peeps And Pried From My Paws. Status: Down With P.


Whoa, that was hard...but fun!  Remember that song by the Rentals waaaaaay back in the'90s?  Friends of P!  Anyway, friends of Mr. M should come down to the Green Shag Market Parking Lot Sale on Saturday October 20th and take all my stuff home with them!

Just think, a real live Famous (on the internet...well, here - on my blog, anyway) piece of

treasure from the Modtomic Stash!  You could totally show all your friends how cool you

really know you are!  I'll be kissing autographs and signing babies all day.


Remember a few days ago when I showed ya the Dorothy Thorpe set that I picked up at the

Value Village, but when I removed the taped on price tag the silver came off with the tape?

What a bitter disappointment that was...but then, Viola!  Mr. Modtomic is Mr. Even Steven!

I found yet Another Dorothy Thorpe large chip bowl to replace the damaged one at yet

another different Value Village!  And they didn't use tape to put the tag on it.  Here's my

other Dorothy Thorpe chip, dip and toothpick set
that I picked up at an estate sale not too

long ago.  It has the original sticker on it labeling it as authentic Dorothy Thorpe.


Monday found the Mr. with a bit of time between delivering the Mersman corner table and

picking up the Falcon chair and I used the time to check some of my traps.  I picked up this

pretty lil thing at the Salv. Army all the while telling myself over and over "I don't collect glass...

I don't collect glass..."  OK, I collect glass.  I got so much of it that...well, there really is no

hiding it anymore.  I guess it's a different kind of collecting though.  I don't buy it with any

misguided ideas that it might be worth anything more than something pretty to look at.  It's

PURELY an aesthetic endeavor.  I buy it if it's cheap and I think it's pretty.  Two bucks

added this to the lot.


OK, yeah...this is glass too...wait, so was the Dorothy Thorpe set.  Whatever.  This is for

flipping.  These are either going in the booth or debuting at the Parking Lot Sale depending on

how lazy I am between now and then.  Either way these 8 Libbey silver and frosted Foliage water

/ wine goblets will be available soon.  They're in excellent condition and I'm sure will make a

collector or just about anyone who has good taste happy as a clam.


It needs a handle but this awesome orange bullet ice bucket is going to be available soon as

well. I'm sure I'll find a scratched up or otherwise busted ice bucket with a serviceable handle

soon and make this complete. Hopefully before the Green Shag Parking Lot Sale on Oct.

20th so I can make it available then, too. I gotta start making a plan as to what all I'm gonna

bring down to the sale. I've got a garage full of things that I need to part with. I'm so hoping

the weather will cooperate with us again. It was really nice out last time but VERY sunny. The

Girlfriend got a little bit of a burn! It's a little late in the year to worry much about that. It's the

cold I'll be worried about! Remember to show up early to get the best stuff!


  1. What is it with the thrifts and the packing tape? It's like a disease. I nabbed a really great mid-60s Pyrex coffee warmer the other day, only to have a bit of the pattern and one of the cup numbers come off on the tape! Anyway, glad to hear you were able to pick up another bowl!

  2. Yes, GWs & SAs have been pretty terrible about using excessive packing tape lately. If it can be damaged, try soaking it with Zippo-style light fluid before you pull it.