Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Picked Up Another Sweet Score On Sunday Evening. This Time It's A Franco Albini Rattan Foot Stool. Status: Keeper / Flipper?


Ever notice, so many vintage modern furniture designers are also architects?  The first I ever heard of such a thing was Frank Lloyd Wright.  He seemed to have a penchant for designing furnishings explicitly for a particular home design.  Seems kind of rigid but I can respect the idealism.  Franco Albini ('05 - '77) was an architect as well, though perhaps not as well know.  This "Pouf" may be his most well known work.


A few years ago the Girlfriend, a couple friends and myself arrived at the Iron Barley restaurant

in South City to have dinner but the joint was packed (as usual...cuz it's AWESOME). We

noticed a new second hand shop a few doors down the street and decided to check it out.

This was my first encounter with Cool Stuff Real Cheap.


They had one of these Franco Albini stool / tables that very night but, while I did recognize

that it WAS something, I just didn't have enough info at the time to pick it up.  Of course,

later I did glean that necessary info and proverbially kicked myself for not picking it up as

it was way under priced.  He shoots and...Oh...it goes just wide.  So finding this piece at,

believe it or not, the exact same price was redemption incarnate!  Thanks again craigslist.


So now the first question is: is it a footstool...or is it a table? The seller sold it as a small tide

table with this perfectly sized piece of glass but it could also be used with an even larger

piece for use as a coffee table. I'm pretty sure it's original intention was for it to be used as

a hassock or a vanity seat. Most listing on eBay describe it as an Ottoman or Pouf.


The second question is: keep it or flip it?  I can make a pretty fine buck off of it but I'm liking

the idea of keeping some of the "finer" finds as apposed to automatically tossing them into my

booth at The Green Shag Market or on craigslist (no eBay or etsy for me since I don't do any

shipping).  I've built up quite a nice collection this way.  And fewer regrets.


The pouf / table is in excellent condition but there are a few broken wraps along the outside

edge. This appears to the "going rate" as all the pieces I checked on eBay completed listings

had this same issue, even the ones that had sold for top dollar - up to $250. And you know...

rattan is going to make a big comeback! Wait and see!


  1. I too have passed one of those up in the past....sigh. BUT I too just found that exact same falcon chair with matching ottoman on the CL here in the S.F bay not even listing under it's own post but as a side note in a posting of a ugly 70's coffee table! Gotta love the hunt ;)

  2. Ooh! Keep! But then, I love those. I almost bought a knock off from Wisteria or someplace like that a few years ago, but then I moved and don't have a spot for it. If you do, definitely keep!

  3. I'd sell, but I'm not a big fan of these. They don't seem to have a real purpose and rattan is not high on my list.

  4. I like it! I'd say keep it if you have the space. Also, you could fill it with tiny twinkling lights at Christmas and make an awesome side table (with maybe some red glassware on top?)!!

  5. Keep it! Or sell it to me. I've been searching in vain for one of those for years.

  6. Nice find. I say keeper! I love rattan. So for me it's always in.

  7. I have one too...won't tell you the low low price I scored it for but I have seen these priced from 800 to 2100. Think I will flip mine as I don't have space in nyc apt. Interested...email me kiminthecity@gmail.com... Make an offer. 12/18/16