Saturday, October 13, 2012

So I've Read On Various Similar Blogs About This Thrift Store Called "Savers". While Out Checking Traps Last Weekend In A Goodwill I Heard A Commercial Over The Store Radio For The Grand Opening Of Our OWN Savers. Status: Checked Out.


Yep, we back woods St. Louisians now have a Savers thrift store to call our very own.  I was excited to hear that it would be open LATE too!  Until 9pm most nights I think.  So we made our way over to the new joint and took a looky 'round.


The only thing in this posting that I picked up at the new Savers is the lamp above.  It's a nice

lamp and was priced OK.  I did pick up another item but I forgot to grab it this morning when

I took the 15 minutes I barely had to clean all these pieces up, set them up and shoot them.

I'm getting pretty good at working under pressure...but that means I'll occasionally forget to

grab a piece that should be included.  I'll show you the mystery piece another time, promise!

But anyway, I found the Savers a little more expensive than our other thrift stores here in the

Midwest.  Not so much that I have any notions of boycotting it, by any means!  But I'll only

be bringing things home from there that really Grab me.  Oh and I found another ruby red

starbust goblet from the Family Thrift in South County for just a cold buck.


This lovely lamp, for example, was Ten Bucks...sans lamp shade. did come with a

lamp shade but it was an ugly cone shaped pleated ugly thing.  Did I mention it was ugly, so

it doesn't count.  But the lamp base...oh what a lamp base!  Dark walnut and slick white

porcelain.  That's sweet.  I'm not sure but I think I'll be making this available soon.  I've got

to go to the fabric store and pick up some materials to recondition some lamp shades.  I got

tons that need some help!


These Brutalist candle sconces were sourced from BAM in Chicago.  They are a little bitty

bit bent up but that's OK, I would you know?  I was surprised to find them in a

booth by the front register for just $45.  There was a similar - if slightly larger - set up in the

front window by the door for closer to $150!  I'll be finding a place for these in the dining

room soon.


Last week, when I picked up the trio of inlaid Lane tables that I've dropped off at my booth

at the Green Shag Market, the seller had a couple of these lamps there in his garage too.  I

inquired about the pair and he said that if I like them that he had Another pair inside.  They

were all pretty cool even though they were Covered in dust!  I worked a package deal and

brought it all home!


Like I said, I've got to start building shades for these!  I'd love to get all crazy creative with

patterns and screen prints on shades.  Having a pair of matched lamp bases means you

really kinda want at least related - if not matched - lamp shades.  Wouldn't it be cool to have

a pair of matched bases like these with shades that are made of the same materials, having

the same colors and patterns but with shaped like Laurel and Hardy?  One wide and squat

and one tall and skinny!  Soon...someday soon.


  1. The new Savers is like a mile from my house. I am in such big trouble! :) Great finds as always!

  2. Always great to find matching lamps even sans the shades and both these sets have great colors and lines. That's why I'm always hoarding any great shades! The damn shades are so much harder to come by and especially in pairs! Yup, I would have definetely picked those brutalist sconces for that price and like the way you have them displayed on the plywood backing. These would look great with some kind of similar treatment with a minimalist dark framing as just an art piece! I'm sure they'd look great grouped together on any wall without just as well.

  3. where is the savers? I couldn't find it :(

  4. I gave up long ago on the Savers here. I find very little worth a glance and everything is way overpriced. Love your new sconces!

  5. Love the lamp from Savers and the Brutalist candle holders are killer!

  6. Hey, you run such a helpful resource, it was impossible not to comment on this one! Will you be so nice and give an answer to my question. Is this a premium blog theme which you buy or this one is a regular one?

    1. It's just a regular theme with a tiny bit of customization. Hope that helps.